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Profimodeller Fi103 V1


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10 minutes ago, crazypoet said:

Jeroen- that last piece looks like part of the engine pylon...?


all very very cool - and it makes me profoundly grateful that I wasn't living that history at the time...

Nice call. And indeed. What a time that must have been to live... 


The piece you see is the fairing behind the cockpit, that connects the engine to the fuselage, of a Reichenberg. The manned V1.... Very rare....

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Jim sent me his Schlepper to make this ensemble complete! Cheers!

Another daunting and intricate multi media kit, making this build more extensive than I planned :)




This schlepper needs to mate with the Anhanger. For some reason two of these four rods were missing from the Anhanger kit, so I did some scratching, robbing from other kits and tingling. All in all this model will be pretty long and needs a long piece of plint to display it on.





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9 hours ago, Mauricio_1971 said:

Great build of a very appealing subject. But unfortunately most of pictures are gone, any chance to recover them?

Thnx and yes. I still have all the pics and might delete many of my previous posts and replace them with one post with most of the pics

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