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Big As MAZ

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Hey All,


  The install of the various items has gone by at a fair pace.  My build is a bit ahead of the photos but I will soon catch up to the build.


  But for now, the install of the Winch


  I have already reported on the construction of the Winch, so just install photos today.


A last look at the hole to be filled...






The Winch install...










The install was straight forward.  Once I got everything bolted down, I just started the rusting process, which is to be continued.


I'll be back shortly with the Engine install.


Later All..........

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Hey All,


  More with the install photos...


The install of the Engine was simple enough.  I had already "fixed" everything I needed to do to get the Engine into place.  All is fitting good so far...However I still have a ton of stuff to apply to the Engine Bay, but not until the install is fully complete.


 the Engine...










The install...






When I was building the Engine, I liked the large size of things.  However when I mounted the Engine permanent I noticed that it seemed to shrink in size, especially next to the tires.


This morning I had a big Engine, now mounted, it looks to small for the truck.

...photos with ruler...










Now, this catches everybody up to were I am building at the moment.  I have started with the Water Radiator cage and at the moment I am building the Radiators themselves.  


I'll be back with the Water Radiator and Fan assembly install shortly.



Thanks All for Watching!!

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Hi RichO,

that is a great looking assortment of near scrap metal, forming into a truly huge thing :)
I pull my hat at the attention to even the tiniest details and all that as a scratch build.

A deep perceived "WOW" 

Cheers Rob

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Thanks Doc!  I'm glad everyone is having a good time with this pile of junk.  Like a friend suggested, I hope I finish the build before it all rusts away.

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Hey Guys,


  I'm guessing that I'm just about 3/4 way through this build.  I still have a bit of mechanical work to do, and then the body work and cab.  A ways to go still.  Hang in there all, Betty's lookin' better all the time.

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Hey Guys,


  So while I was building the Water Radiators I realized that I can't install these without installing the Fuel Tanks...at the same time.  I have fuel lines that run between the radiators and the engine block that need to be installed before I close up the engine bay to the radiators.


Fuel Tanks first then.


  I have already built the Fuel Tanks, So on with the paint and some grunge.


Rusted fuel tanks with Russian Green over...




Rusted Fuel Tanks with Russian Green under, Banner Red over...







fit into place to check clearance...






I now have the engine installed and secured, along with the radiator cage.  I can now install the fuel tanks, after a bit of scrubbing to get the salt off, and get the fuel lines run into place.


I also have a few more tanks to install between the radiators and the main frame.  I'll be back shortly with info on the fuel lines and the other tanks to install.



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Hey Everyone,


  The building of the Water Radiators is still on going, but this is what I have so far.


I have several steps to get these installed.  Building the radiators, then the fans and pulleys, then the plumbing, then...


 Everything is going fine but slow.  The fitting of the Radiator Cage...




I have the cage painted and installed and secured for the mounting of the radiators. Now I just have to build everything...


The Water Radiators...






A lot of bolts...






All painted up, clean for now...




The test fit...






I'm just slightly ahead of the photos, on the build.  Today I will belt the fans and pulleys, and get everything ready for final install.  Then more plumbing.


Be Back Soon....

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Hey Gus,  the fans are scratch built, i'll show photos soon.  Really, the only thing cannibalised so far are the gears for the winch.  Thanks

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Hey All,


  The build goes at an ok pace.  Things will slow down a tad, football season starts for my local team today, so Sundays are shot for building.


Today's report is on the water cooling Fans.  


These were a little complicated to build, but once I got it...also I didn't take as many photos as I should have.


The parts...




The first blade.  I had eight blades to mount.  This was really easy.  I just mounted the blades opposite each other to keep the spacing even and all went well.






Things look like they fit well...




I had a bunch of plastic washers to make for the Pulleys...






Test fit...






The construction of the Water radiators and the Cooling Fan system are now complete.  I need to wait a bit to install these because I need to install the fluid tanks first.


I'll be back shortly with the install of the fluid tanks...


Thanks, Bye...

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Hey Rich,

another Like from me.

I gess your team are the Seattle Seahawks. If so, tons of luck against the Packers, I will watch.
My favourite Team is openeing against the Giants, Gooooool Dak go

Cheers Rob

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Welcome back my friends...


Hey All,


  I have been working on the various fluid tanks for a few days now, and I'm getting backed up with the photos.  Altho the install is not complete, I'll show and tell what's up.


I first built card replicas to get the size and the geometry correct...








The construction of the tanks was really simple, just small sheet styrene.  Test fit into place.  I was concerned about the angles of the tanks, and running into things next to the engine block.  I managed to get the tanks to sit on the frame and fill the space nicely.






Four new (old) fluid tanks...




The install of the Power Steering fluid tank...






The install of the, I have no clue, fluid tank...I know it's there.  I cant find any info so far as to what's inside it.  Oil?






And here you can get an idea of how crowded things are getting...




Now that I have all four tanks permanently installed, it's time to plumb all this stuff together.  I'll be back with the plumbing soon.


Thanks All...

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Hey All...


   The build continues at a steady but slow pace.  I have been adding hoses, belts, filters, clamps....


This is the Air Filter assemblies.  Altho I didn't take as many photos during construction of the filters, but here ya go...


The Air Filters have a sort of filter/cooling system that lets the air flow over and around these tubes and everything works well enough.


I had to drill out a lot of little holes to fit the rods into.  The construction of the filters was easy enough, but slow and tedious.






This is the hole that the Air Filter will fill.  You can also see the added hoses and piping that I have placed around the engine bay.




The Air Filter sits in a cramped space attached to the cab's back wall.  




Here I have removed the back wall, and the Air Filter is hanging at it's location, and I still have pipes and hoses remaining to install.




This where I'm at for the end of the day, with plenty still to cram into this ever shrinking space.




I have this one side just about done enough to move over to the other side and start the install of the radiators and fans.  I'll be back with a look at the other side, bwahaaaaa..........

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Hey All,


  Well, I have reached another milestone.  I have finished the Engine Bay.  Or at least until I find more stuff to add, which always seems to show up later.


  Not much to write about, just the manual labor of completing all the steps needed to wrap this portion of the build up to date.


The first two photos here, show the port side engine bay under construction...






The rest of the build for this section involved removing items that were already installed, to fit the new items, and then reinstalling everything.  I have added some minor dirt and grease, but I will paint a bigger mess later.


In no order at all...












The Engine Bay has been a three or four month adventure, and like the rest of this build, I'm sure I'll find more junk to add to this section later on.


  But for now, it's time to move on, with the first tentative steps of the sheet metal body work.  To be honest, I have been somewhat apprehensive about starting the body work.  I'll have a certain learning curve to get a grip on bending sheets into complex compound curves.


  I'll be back later with something to show, having to do with the sheet metal work.


Thanks All, I'll be back later.........

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Hey All,


  So my first adventures into sheet metal land went well.  However I have a confession to make.  I wimped out with the first try.  I built the running boards for the sides of the truck.  Just straight sheet metal with no bends or curves.  It looks cool tho.  The running boards start to make the whole thing look enormous.


The build...I started with the mounts that hold all this together...




Then the Sheet Metal...just basic cut outs and shapes...








rusting process started...




back fresh from the paint shop...




Betty's getting some girth at this point...








with tires...






She's getting to be a big girl, and still growing.


  Once I get all the side boards attached final.  I'm going to try my first curved pieces with the Winch cover.  We'll see how that goes when I return,  Later..........


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I'm just calling this "sheet metal" because the body panels are different than "nuts & bolts" for the rest of the build.  It's still just sheet styrene tho.

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  I am using some good patterns produced by Model-Kom for this build.  As long as I consider the thickness of the styrene as I build, I'm not having to much trouble at all.  I just take my time and cut clean and file square.

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Hey All,


The last week or so has been fun with family and model building, and in this part of the build, I got to try a new thing for me.  I had to make my own "piano hinge" for the hood of the winch.  This always go slower than expected, and I had a few days off with family, but I got to a point where I should show what the heck I did.


Building the cover for the winch was a combo of straight sheets, with the first of many curved surfaces and the hinges.  I first built the basic frame that this cover hangs on.  You can see that this is made of thin strips...


Test fit onto the winch




once I got the size correct, then I had to build up the sides to get everything level for the hoods...




testing, testing...




Next was making the hoods.  These were simple to make, just some bending to do...




Once I got all the pieces to fit relatively well, I started adding the details.  Making the piano hinge was easy enough, just very tedious with all the small cutting to do.








more testing and fitting...










So, it's off to the paint shop, and back again...










I'm going to live with it like this for a bit.  I still have hardware to install.


At the moment I'm excited to see the frame work for the Fuel Tank Cage and the sheet work for that part of the build.  I'll be back with more exciting "stuff" later.


Thanks All!

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