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Happy Holiday's All,


  So the cab build is going really... strange, for me.  I have a weird sort of conglomeration of the several references that I have, and now I'm trying to get a grip on how I'm going to build this.


  The Trumpeter kit has all the great detail that I want to add to my build, so using that as my inspiration to a finished end.  I have worked out an approach that might work


  What I'm doing is I'm building three cabs and blending them together.  You have already seen the "hanger" or "skeleton" or "frame"...






  Above is the most basic frame, the first cab to be finished.  This will be the hanger that everything else will be supported by.  What I will now try, is to build the next cab.


  The second cab will be built on the inside of the first cab.  I'm going to build the inside of the cab as individual components, and then insert each separately. 






Of course I did a bunch of test fitting.  This idea of the components will work if I get everything tight fitting to a finished state before moving to the pain shop.




Then adding some details to the under side of the dash board...


I built the in cabin heater with some miscellaneous stuff hanging down.







  The next thing was to hide it all under were you can't see, under were the dash instruments will be.  This is just dry fit for now.  I will keep everything loose until I can't.







  Things with the build have been slowed to almost, non existent, with the holidays here.  Everyone knows how that goes right now.


I'll post again when I recover.........Happy Holiday's Everyone!

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Happy holidays Rich,

looking very nice for a non existent progress :). Seems to be heavy partying around your holidays if you need to recover from that.
Can't wait to see more of the details inside the cab.

Cheers Rob 

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I hope everyone had a plastic Christmas!


Hey All,


  I have managed to get a little work done over the past week or so.  With all the beer and loud laughing not much really.


I did some more work on the cab interior.  You all know me by now, and how I build thing that no one will see.  I spent the time building the batteries that rest under the cab seats.


the cab parts so far...




building the batteries was simple enough.  In the non holiday world this would take a day to build, I must have spent a week...









That's it for now,  I'll be back when the next round runs out, after New Year's...

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Hey Cees, or anybody.  I can see the images great from my end.  Please, is it just the last post that didn't show or are all the Imageshack photos not showing?


I can reinsert the photos, let me know how far back to go.


Thanks All!

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Hey Guys, I hope everyone had a great holiday season!!


Now back to work...The cab continues.


  I spent what hours I could working on the cab seating.  it seems I spent a ridiculous amount of days building the seats, but in reality, it only took a few hours, just not all at one time.


I first had to fit the back wall of the cab.  A couple of openings and some trim, then off to the paint shop.






The camera was full of holiday stuff, so I didn't get as many photos as I should have of the seat construction.  The sizing and placement went fine and the bench and side seat turned out fine.




I built the drivers seat as a separate unit.  The coloring all has to be weathered yet...


I made the basic form out of card, then applied the tissue and white glue technique...








Once I got all the seats constructed, it was time to fit to the cab...








Now that everything is out of the way for a while I can concentrate on the rest of the cab.  I think the floors are next.



Until then All............

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This is for all the old guys with bad eye sight, the photos aren't the best, but you can see stuff.




If you look closely, you can see the support springs for the cushion, between the leather cover and the insulation batting.








The Driver seat...




The details are small in the cab.  I'll show better photos with more details later...

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Hey All,


   I feel, after the holidays, things seem to going a bit slow.  I'm building, but just not so fast.


The cab build continues. I have permanently installed the seating and the inside of the cab walls.


The cab wall are simple shapes with a bit of a color change.






Then I worked to finish the dashboard underside, and get this ready for install.  This is my Heater Duct for cab front window.


The parts...




I used foil from gum wrappers to get my finish on the ducts.




I bend thick copper wire to the shape.  Then wrap thin wire around and secure.




Then wrap with the foil...Heater Ducts.


Just odds and ends for this report.  I'll be back later with a more comprehensive cab report.


Later All.........

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Hi Rich,

I don't know if it is only me and my very sloooowly island Internet, but I can't load the pictures in your (picture heavy) MAZ thread.
Maybe I have to wait for the beginning of the next page or the installation of fibre optics on my tiny island (projected)

Cheers Rob

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Hey All,


  Today's report...still working on the cab.  I have managed to finish the, under the dashboard details.  The space is getting so tight that I have a hard time taking the photos I want, so you just have to go with what I have here.


  The small details took a bit of time, but turned out fine.  The floor peddles are hard to make out here but I did build the fuel, brake, gear shifter, and E-brake.  The steering column took a day by itself.







Wrapping the Steering Wheel...




And then a few shots of the cab interior...









I have a few more items to do, mostly with ageing the interior and generally making things a mess.  I'm just about to the point were I want to start on the closing of the cab. A bit more on my fitting issues, and then I start building the cab roof to close all this up.



Thanks for watching........be back later

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Hey All,


  It's been a bit since I've posted so I'll get to it.


  I had a slight stall waiting for material and tools, so I started with trying to get the geometry for the roof and nose.  I started a little work all over for a bit.


  I'm still working a bit on the card mock-up of the roof, trying to get the bends correct.  More to go here.




The Headlamp Buckets are also under construction...







I found a hundred photos of a Maz dashboard, and it seems, a hundred dashboard layouts.  The three kits I'm using for references all have very similar layouts.  So, flip a coin and go with it.





Drill out the corners, and cut...




Always test fitting...






Once I got the floating elements worked out, then it was adding the details.




Fresh glazed Gauge Glass.  Say that three times fast...














At this point, I'm sorta building a little bit, all over the cab at once.  I'm starting to consider the doors, and finalizing the Interior Roof plan.


Be Back Later All.....Thanks for Watching

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Hey All,


  Today's report is small, but important in that I have started with the final outside skin of the cab.  This part of the build is a matter of cutting a pattern then test fitting this several times until I get just the correct angles. Slow work but I think it will look reasonable in the end.


  Once I got the nose skin into place, which was really easy, the rest of the panels have been a pain. I have several pieces that have compound curves that are quite nasty.


I started with the nose skin, and side panels...




Once I got the skin attached for these three pieces I peeled off the paper patterns  and got the seams ready for putty.






The curved nose piece is going to be a huge pain with several curves.  I have cut the piece into to parts to make the install somewhat easier.




Once I got the bends just right...I hope.




You can see here that the dash slope to the window is a nice compound curve,  front to back, side to side, and top to bottom.


In this next photo I am fitting the Windshield Frame.  The same as everything else. Cut, test fit, recut...




I just thought I would show that not everything goes well all the time.  I have some major seam gaps and general fit issues to deal with here.







I also have a real nasty compound curve to fill in this corner at the bottom of the window..  Somehow I have to fill this space, with a curve that matches the nose skin and the window slant and the corner brace post...It'll get sorted tho.


Hope you enjoy the report,  be back later all.

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Thanks Gus, it looks to be a right bit of work ahead.


Hey Everyone,


  The construction of the cab interior progresses.  I have built the interior door panels and installed the windscreen frame, along with some small items that needed tidying up.


  Once I got the windscreen installed and the gaps closed up, things were, not as stressful.  The bent and crooked cab walls are straightening up a bit and all looks to be a bit more encouraging.




Looks to be a good time to putty the seams and corners.


Time to build some doors.




You can see, this is just sheet styrene.  The handles are rod, and the, O.S.! handle, is bent tin solder.


Fresh back from the paint shop...


The photo seams to show much more red that green here.







Then the install of the Windscreen...




I also had to install the interior corner posts...always test fitting...





Fresh painted interior corner posts...installed.



The cab to date...









More situations to arise, ensue, and overcome, I'm sure.  I'll be back later...Thanks All!

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