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Hasegawa fw 190 A8 Walther Dahl JG 300

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Hi all, I have started my first 1/32 fw 190. With the Hasegawa A8. 

Kit was purchased with a broken front windshield (2 half's) but I have inserted new window and fixed this issue. 

I will be using the MDC cockpit set, tamiya acyclic paint mixes. 

My own stencils and decals,and I will rivet this beast OMG. 

The ride is Major Walther Dahl's A8 

Finsterwalde/Germany, 11th September 1944 in colours RLM 74, 75 and 76. 

So I have just finished the cockpit pit, I have had some difficulties with fit,but with the great detailing it was a small sacrifice to make good,  so here goes. 

2017-04-01 11.42.10.jpg

2017-04-01 11.36.07.jpg

2017-04-01 11.36.56.jpg

2017-04-01 11.36.35.jpg

2017-04-01 11.37.15.jpg

2017-04-01 11.39.17.jpg

2017-04-01 11.40.16.jpg

2017-04-01 11.40.39.jpg

2017-04-01 11.38.17.jpg

2017-04-01 11.41.40.jpg

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57 minutes ago, mark31 said:

very nice work on the pit and rivetting

I will follow have tree Fw190 in the stash and also planning to rivett the plane

what didt you use for riveting



I used a RB Productions rivet-R for the wings (1mm) , and I made a rivet tool for the fuselage out of a Ultra small syringe needle. 

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2 hours ago, JeroenPeters said:

Lovely work on the wiring..

Thank you JP. 


1 hour ago, Padubon said:

Nice job on the kit. Is it difficult to utilize the RB riveter? I have been wanting to try it but I am abut of a chicken hahaha.

Thank you, I practice on the inside of the parts. I draw pencil lines then free hand the wheel lightly over the line, then I push a small pin into every rivet hole. This  rounds off and raise slightly,  so I can rub up the rivets I want to show up. Also after the pin work is done,  you can apply primer then rub with a 1000 grit very lightly (wear) you want to create a neat round looking rivet,rather than just a hole. I am still learning though. But once you do it no looking back.... 

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Hi all a quick update. 

Had a problem with the cockpit dashboard screen, cut away area as instructed and replacement part was just not big enough ie. Width. So I made one to replace it. 

Screen demister pipe work added, flap indicators added, inboard cartridge and clip ejector detail added and have started paint and markings. Here goes.... 

2017-04-22 23.25.48.jpg

2017-04-29 18.08.53.jpg

2017-04-29 18.09.29.jpg

2017-04-29 18.09.53.jpg

2017-04-22 23.22.31.jpg

2017-04-22 23.21.24.jpg

2017-04-15 19.05.42.jpg

2017-04-29 18.03.07.jpg

2017-04-29 18.04.20.jpg

2017-04-29 18.07.53.jpg

2017-04-29 18.05.16.jpg

2017-04-29 18.05.58.jpg

2017-04-29 18.06.24.jpg

2017-04-29 18.06.49.jpg

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