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Horten Ho 229 V3 - Central section - ZM 1/32

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Started the very well known Nurflügel German subject.

AM : HGW's seat-belts.

Sources : A.L. Bentley drawings (scale 1:16) the best source ever for those who know how to read a plan.


THE projekt :

Pushing the detailing as far as possible. 


Livery :

No clue. Will see later. Wood and metal..........maybe. 


Enough said.





The box...




Following the notice, first step is the Jumo 004  twin build. I wanted the pipe systems to be subassemblies for a better painting. I glued/blank-mounted them on the compression section. the 2 sets are glued on a spec. jig, preventing the thin pipes from braking and further on for the painting process.



More very soon.


Thanks for checking in.


Best, laurent.

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Hi. Had of bit of bits n'pieces.


I am wondering : On the hydraulic cylinder > 1 or 2 electro valves ? I mean one for the incoming pressure and one for the out-coming pressure ?


If you have any info feel free. Thanks  :)



Started a week ago and made the pics today.

Piping for all the Hydro. cylinders, and a new pressurized air bottle. Ready for the booth.



















Next pics will be on blue background... ;)


Thanks for checking in !


Best, laurent.


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