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A pair of WnW Junkers J.1 - April, 1919

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Hello, all,

This is my fourth WnW build and, after a brief stall, was reenergized for the WnW GB. It will be seen in the diorama, After the Armistice, being inspected by British airmen amazed at the all metal construction.

The damage is based on photos of both J.1s at the end of the war, as well as photos of the J.1 in Canada, for which I'd like to thank Richard Andrews, of Aviattic. I used Albion brass for all the visible piping sections and did a lot of grinding of styrene to get it thin enough to appear to be worn Duralumin. The wheel spokes are from the Albatros B.II kit and the rims are from the J.1 kit, ground down...a lot. I've stripped a lot of the engine as seen in the reference photos.....I'd bet the parts were used as spares. The prop hub was scratch built....and, as soon as I finished it, I was told of a beautiful one offered by CSM. Ain't that always the way. The second, engineless fuselage will sit outside the hangar.

I have to say I really had a blast with this pair of projects. I enjoy looking over the photos to try and determine just what the damage is and then experimenting with ways of replicating it.

Thanks for taking the time to look it over.

Cheers from NYC,











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