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Hasegawa fw 190 a8 walther dahl

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Only those of us who've tried, know how difficult it is to achieve that kind of finish...

Can I ask you to share some painting details?

*which paints you use for the grey/green wing surfaces (specific brand & ID)?

*did you use any kind of surfacing or priming agent before painting?

*what final satin coat you finished with (specific brand & ID or custom mix)?

Thanks for posting this one!

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4 hours ago, ophthoidoug said:


Thank you all for the great feedback. 

Bevan I look forward to seeing your next work. 

Ophthoidoug, great questions my mixes are mixed lighter then the colours i am trying to copy. My washes at the end blend these colours they also darken them. Wash mix 1 sludge mix black, brown pastel various shades. Wash mix 2 enamel black/brown (humbrol)  pin wash, the 2 mix is also blended with brush down the side (darker to lighter to the tail) I blend with white spirit very lightly. 

Holts grey primer (auto spray paint) very smooth finish. Good plastic preparation before I spray. 

RLM 74 mix tamiya acyclic =

XF-22 + XF-1 /approximately 80:1 this mix is the Base mix, XF-63 added to lighten if required. 

RLM 75 mix tamiya acyclic =

XF-19 + XF-1 approximately 80:1,now I add my violet mix which is tamiya XF-7 & XF-8 =1drop. 

RLM 76 mix tamiya acyclic =XF-2 x1 jar + X5 between 5 and 8 drops (looks peppermint green when mixed) again Base mix,  I  will add XF-63 to darken if required. 

All mixes are tweaked very slightly either darker or lighter. 

Once mixed I use Mr. Color LEVELING THINNER 50/50 approx. 

All washes are applied after I have airbrushed humbrol Clear gloss varnish 

The satin is Humbrol spray can. 

I am still tweaking these but these are getting very close to what I am after. 

Hope this helps you. 



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