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1/4 Scale Instrument Panels


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Hey Guys,


I've seen a couple of 1/4 scale instrument panels built up by James, and very cool they look too. I found this site that does more, and they look pretty good!




I particularly like the look of the Me262 panel. Nice! Also in 1/5 scale too. Check out the accessories section, you can more or less build a complete cockpit!



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These used to be sold by Propagteam.


The expensive ones are pre-assembled and ready to display.  If you look around you'll see that they do panel kits (like Eduard) for around 30 Euro and individual instruments, control sticks, pedal setc...  quite nice stuff on the whole.



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Quite interesting ... I'm impressed but would really like to see one in the flesh first.


 I wonder whether they might have taken a glance over toward the plastic modeller now that Eduard have released their panels.  


They've certainly got the range and the add-on's like the sights etc PLUS some of the accessories could be used to enhance display bases for models that match.  I've certainly added to my bookmarks list.

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I must say, a 1/4 scale full Spitfire cockpit has my imagination stirring....Full interior and sidewall detail, exterior skin detail, from the front firewall to the bulkhead behind the seat. Would make a pretty impressive display..



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