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Plusmodel (aeroline) 1:72 Wheels for P2V Neptune

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Plusmodel Aero Line Series

1:72 Wheels forP2V Neptune




On our beloved hobby, on what airplane modelling concern, there are some parts, areas, location sometimes neglected as they are away from focus.

The wheels are one of those parts. They are, obvious, a important part of the real thing, as, they are on the model. If you are having our model standing on the ground, you can show it crashed, or on maintenance jacks or on their landing gear. On the base, there they are… the wheels. They can be, new, beat up, oily and greasy, covered on mud, dust or just slicks.

I’m going to focus on the set, not comparing them to the correspondent parts on the model, as I don’t own a 1:72 P2V Neptune bird, despite my countries’ air force, operated the type.

Nevertheless I did some research and I came up with the following: apparently the only game in town is Hasegawa’s one, which backdates to 1973 moulds.

what’s on the box

The clear plastic box shows what you get: three resin wheels ( 1 front wheel and two rear wheels). On the back paper, photographs of the set already paint and weathered, to serve as inspiration.



As many contemporary American air planes, the wheel hub’s painted white (to facilitate any oil leaks. The tyre painted on the eternal black, or tyre black, or dark grey, whatever suites the modeller’s personal interpretation.



Front wheel

This is the smaller wheel to fit on the front landing gear. The detail is adequate to the scale. The tire pattern consists of 5 parallel tread lines with no weight effect (on my research and normally on fair amount of parked air planes), the area in contact with the ground show a certain deformation or weighted effect caused by the airplanes weight applied on the wheels.

This effect can be lightly reproduced by gentle sanding of the wheel area that touches the ground.


Rear wheels

These two wheels, as the front one, are not weighted, and do show a excellent detail on the wheel hub and tire pattern.


The removal of the casting blocks can be done with no effort, using a small saw, and the main attachment point is located on the raised area of the tyre pattern. After the part separation, all that’s need is to use a sand pad and remove the remaining material.




This set is a strait forward update to the model’s parts. Using as compare guide, the Hasegawa model, this are supplied by two half that glue to form the tire. This can cause a seam hard to eliminate as could also destroy the tread pattern surrounding.

The tire tread could be properly weathered after the paint process to show all detail.

In the end and on the finished model, they will overstep!

On point to note is that, on the all the pictures that I consulted, the tires present the “weight” effect on the tire area in contact with the ground.

This is a must set to “spice” up any version of the 1:72 P2V Neptune


Our thanks to Plusmodel for the review samples and all the support given. To purchase this directly, click THIS link


Ricardo Veríssimo



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