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Space Shuttle Mock Up


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My Uncle, an antique dealer, gave me this wooden model what appears to be a shuttle.  Looks like its at least 40 years old.

I am going to sand and repaint.


What is it?

  • Anyone ever see anything like this? 
  • Any data on origin? 
  • Aerospace firm? 
  • Appears to be aerospace schwag for display on desk. 
  • A scale model envisioned by the builder?
  • Project working towards an Eagle Scout?











The holes are for display mounts.  Curious what the #4 means, its a decal.



Rear holes are for engine nozzles.  I have them.  You can also see original color, looks like FS Gull Grey.



Some filling and sanding will be needed to repair the "fin"

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Hi Rick,

i found this ... There's an image showing a wooden model of the "original" shuttle concept - aside from the obvious main wings on this model, it's not too dissimilar to your model :)


(PS: I would have copied the picture into here but I haven't caught up with the Photobucket changes)

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Hello Rick,

It seems that Grant has found your answer, it appears to me that in your version the wings are folded in the fuselage lookkin at those slots on  the side...

If i where you i would reconsider this paint job and leave it original and send a picture to nasa or the museum....

Cheers, Jan

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