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Stringbag - A Modeller guide to the art of WWI Aircraft


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(A Modeller`s guide to the art of WWI Aircraft)





Jeroen Veen and Flip Hendrickx

Publisher: Inside The Armour Publications

113 pages

Landscape format (A4 size with softcover)

  6 full features build

7 techniques chapters

Price tag:  £25


Last year my good friend Jeroen Veen told me that is was working on modeler guide book. If any modelling book from Jeroen is a must have, a modelling book only about WnW models kits, that`s even better. Later I was told that Flip Hendrickx was the co-author so it was getting better and better.



So was with great expectation that I was waiting for this book.

The design was from responsibility of Chris Meddings. The layout and graphics structure is very well achieved, quite clean and easy to follow and understand the concepts of the articles.


Diving to the book, the touch of the paper is quite soft. The paper is satin with very good printing quality of color and definition.

The book cover is soft one with a fantastic AEG G.IV late type from Jeroen Veen.




I was eager to read this book because the work from Jeroen and Flip is simply amazing.




The book offers a six full builds, all from WnW: AEG G. IV Late Type, Hannover Cl.II Dh.9a “Ninak”, Roland D.VIa, Hansa Brandenburg W.29 and Albatros B. II Early Type.








All the articles are beautiful made, as expected with great photos although not a true step-by-step article, it’s a quite well written and quite comprehensive text and pics so it´s easy to follow.


All the builds are fantastic as expected from these two modelers and the close ups pictures are very good and very comprehensive to follow.

In all the features builds there`s several tips that are very useful and shows how to achieved determined effects.


Showing that in fact is a guide to modelling, there`s also feature cheaper “technique” that is quite useful to all modelers, so you can check your technique or experiment a new one.

There’s seven techniques chapters:


Leather Effects - Jeroen Veen

Simple Vignettes - Jeroen Veen

ood Effects - Flip Hendrickx

Rigging - Flip Hendrickx

Castor Oil Stains - Flip Hendrickx

Carving Wooden Propellers - Flip Hendrickx

Painting Canvas - Flip Hendrickx












So as you see, the most important areas in WWI are cover, like wood and rigging.

A particularly care was taken on these features, showing several techniques to get the goal: you got several ways to achieved wood or to make the rigging and all ups and downs in the authors opinions, so you just need to choose one and try to see.


The book closes with a gallery featuring WWI aircraft builds from each author.














The satin look and quality printing just need a very good content… the content is not good, it´s awesome.

For Wingnut Wings fans it’s a totally must with some great tips… for me its not only a book for fans but to all modelers to see and admire the Jeroen and Flip works.

It’s a mojo elevator. After reading it I just want to go to my bench and modelling.



VERY VERY VERY Highly Recommend!!!

Thanks to Chris Meddings and Inside the Armour Publication for the review sample.


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Now we know why Jeroen went so quiet on here for a while!

Lovely presentation with the 'period' fonts and type-setting and great builds. I've always felt intimidated by the rigging, etc on WnW kits but this might be what persuades me to bite the bullet.

Thanks for the great review Fran.

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