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Back after a very long absence


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It has been since 2013 that I think that I wrote my last posit. Things have changed in my life, we moved and now I think I can settle down and do some serious modeling. My mind is like a steel sieve and I probably forgot the people that I related with but I am sure they are doing well, at least I hope they are. My modeling skills have improved although since the move last year I have lost all of those pics but maybe I can start some new ones.

Currently I have about twelve kits going although I am seriously working on two right now. The 32 Pro Modeler 32 He-11 P and the Special Hobby Tempest MkV High tech.. I started this kit last year and had some difficulties coping with the issues so I relegated it to a paint mule. I did some research on this kit and ordered another one a few weeks ago right after I ordered the Barracuda resin updates for it. I was really chuffed about the resin set as it came the day before the kit arrived. Looking through the kit I was pleasantly surprised to find the resin engine and all its many details. The earlier kit that I bought didn't have this So I am thinking "bonus!" while digging through the kit.

So here is my quandary. I have a new A.M. resin cowling and all the goodies that it came with and I have a kit that has some other tasty detail parts and pieces.  The only thing to do now is buy two more kits. Another Mk V, the non high tech one to use the engine and other goodies and now that the Mk II is out that will be the other one.

Well cheers, gents. It's good to be back.\


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