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HK Models B17 Memphis Belle with AC Models aircrew

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This is my first aircraft post at LSM as I mainly build armour subjects and all help with tips and suggestions would be needed to move through this large scale aircraft project.

With receiving the base and canopy masks this week gave me the inspiration to get the Memphis Belle under way. The crew will be painted first before entering the very big box of components. The first 2 figures have been painted with Humbrol and Vallejo paints. The face and hands received a base coat of humbrol pink with oil paints over the top.

The build is being shared across a couple of armour subjects and progress may be a little slow. I have little reference on this aircraft and if anyone could provide me with some good book or web page sources it would be greatly appreciated.









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Welcome to that place of large scale addicts, and you seem to fit in perfectly, as you have chosen one of the biggest kits available. I didn't have the courage for a B-17, I can't handle the size and decided that a B-25 and a Mossie are the max for me.
I wish you tons of fun with the 'Belle' and hope you are sharing the build with us. Nice start with the figures.

By accident, yesterday on TV there was a documentation about Pin-Up's in the european channel Arte and they showed footage of crew members of 'Memphis Belle' patting the 'Belle' on the B-17 after flight. Maybe a good idea for a dio.

Cheers Rob 

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Hi Rob, 

Thanks , yes the board is huge and there will be a lot of rearranging the hobby room/man cave with this plane. 

The intention is to have the crew spread out on the field walking to the plane. 


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Thanks guys. I appreciate your words. 

Just received some more additions to the B17 inventory.

Whilst sourcing the external etch set from Eduard I came across 1/32nd scale 50 cal links. Wow, they are detailed.
They also release them in 35th scale. There may be another PT boat build coming in the future. 

Watching the Memephis belle youtube clip I noticed in the Bombardier's spot with the draped 50 call links out of the 50 cal. If looking from the outside into the nose of the B17 the rounds would be prominent to the viewer.

Could not help myself , had to get them. 

Here are the acquisitions.



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