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T30/34 (U.S. Heavy Tank) 1:35 TAKOM

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So painting wheels can be rather difficult I have found a good way to do it with the tank road wheels

I paint them first the black on the outside and the green on the inside but it overlaps and makes a mess so paint the black again so it's clean and then wrap it with painting tape and paint the inner wheel. Also made a small tool from a cocktail stick and some tape to hold them easilyIMG_20180604_220213.thumb.jpg.6b884f0ba312029220972ad6013613cf.jpgbefore wrapping the green is visibly badIMG_20180604_220208.thumb.jpg.247ff2f6fa4024dbfa69bf3e819adec1.jpgdurighn pantingIMG_20180604_220244.thumb.jpg.78041015e6afd5894c0ef4001bc7e82f.jpgafter my proses





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On 7/15/2018 at 11:51 AM, Gaming Dragon32 said:

I have. Painted the track parts and also checked the hull and turret to make sure they fit



I like your table cloth.

Do you like the link'n'length tracks or would you have preferred all individual links? They certainly save time and aren't as tedious but for German tanks you lose the ability to set your own sag -- and all I build is German. 

I've only built Takom's 12.8cm twin flak gun, which was an early kit with some fit issues but I have a couple of tanks in the stash that are more recent. How is this kit comparing to other brands you may have built if you are able to rate it yet?

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