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Fear no more, decaling worst nightmare solved

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Hola Senhoras e Senhores,

decaling in general gives me the creeps. Lots of things can go wrong doing it as one of the last steps of building a kit. There is silvering, breaking, residues of solvents, bad colors, misprinted shapes, you name it. If the title of the thread lead you to the wishful thinking I found the holy grail of decaling which eleminates all These problems, I have to apologize.

But I found something which haunted me badly while decaling and never thought about solving these matters before. Why, I don't know, maybe because of stupidity or because lots of people, me included, don't think proper about the Little things when they have a big picture in mind.

Always while decaling, especially large scale planes, I fear to topple the bottles of Micro Set and Micro Sol. The second bad Thing happening to me is mixing up the cotton swabs.

This simple piece of wood, drilled with two 32mm holes for the solvents and 6 mm holes for the swabs hopefully will give me the mental strength to build and decal a modern Jet with all the needed stencils :D

Cheers Rob


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Neat Rob. Like all the best ideas, simple but elegant. Think I might be looking for a spare piece of timber for my next jet build.

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