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HK B-25J -double the fun


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28 minutes ago, BlrwestSiR said:

Ok, finally an update. 

I painted the fuselage but had a hard time getting decent coverage with the Alcad. So I gave up on using it and switched to Mr Metal Color that I had. That worked out much better. 


The wings need a bit of seam filling so they're back on the bench and hopefully that won't too painful.


Kinda look like that thing Musk wants us to go to Mars in!

kidding the finish looks smooth, I too am looking for Alclad alternatives.

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11 hours ago, CrankyCrafstman said:

WOW! nice nmf finish.:omg:

Thanks! It's my second try at a NMF finish in 1/32. The first one isn't finished yet... 

11 hours ago, Ryan said:

Kinda look like that thing Musk wants us to go to Mars in!

kidding the finish looks smooth, I too am looking for Alclad alternatives.

Thanks Ryan. I'm using Gunze Mr Metal Color chrome silver. So far, I'm much happier with this, at least on the B-25. The coverage is much better compared to the Alclad. 

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  • 1 month later...

Time for an overdue update. 

I finally got around to doing the nose art/bat markings on Betty's Dream.  Zotz gives you a vinyl mask for the blue part of the nose. Which makes sense to me. 


Unfortunately when I applied it I must have stretched it somewhat as it no longer matched the white outline that is supplied as a decal. 

So I  traced the decal sheet onto frisket film and made a new mask.


Then it was time for the blue.



I figured if I used gloss blue, I wouldn't need to worry about a clear coat. 

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While the nose dried, I masked and painted the stars and bars on the fuselage.




Since the paintwork on the rear half of the fuselage was done, I unmasked the waist and tail gun windows to see what they looked like after all the handling. The waist guns have taken a bit of a beating. One of the ammo cans fell out of the bottom crew hatch. You can't see it's missing so that's a good thing. 

The tail gunner's station fared much better. 




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Back to the nose, I applied the white outline decal. 


This went on really well. It matched up with the shape of the blue base nicely. No air bubbles or silvering. I was happy. Then things went pear shaped when it came to the teeth.




I had all sorts of splits, folds and bubbles. Which seeing the compound curves the decal had to go around shouldn't have been a surprise. 

Martin and I talked about some possible solutions when I decided to just peel it off and paint it on. So I used a piece of kabuki tape and pulled it off. This them became a template for a hand cut mask. 


The nose after getting the mouth off.


Tracing the nose decal for my mask.


I started with the white for the teeth.


Then masked them off and sprayed the red.


The finished results. 


I'm much happier with this impaired to the decal. I've lost a bit of one eye so that will be next. 




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