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1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope 3rd"

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afternoon ladies


just a quick update on the panel skinning on the P51 - not much to show panel by panel, as the process is pretty much the same but the lower wing is almost complete so time for a few pics..


..the C model has quite a large outlet for spent cartridges and a chute assembly that can be seen through the hole, so first up is the panel and the chute..


..I don't really know what the little slots are for - venting maybe..




..the two were assembled and a hole routed into the wing to make room for it..






..the panels that define the shape of the gear door opening were done next, with some structure along the edges the doors sit on when closed..




..and this is where it's at...








..the panel behind the gear opening will be left until all the filling of the leading edge is done as it has domed screws and is left natural metal as seen below and if I add it now these will likely get damaged by the sanding / prepping process..




..lower wing done otherwise..




..will do the upper wing next and I am on leave all this week so hope to get lots of it done..




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As always, I had to interrupt my knitting session and check out this work of art. Peter, your talent and skills are way on the limits of ordinary modeller. I am beginning to plot a alien conspiracy theory. You know shrink rays and such :)

Thanks for sharing sir




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46 minutes ago, Martinnfb said:

As always, I had to interrupt my knitting session

And I thought I was the only who did cross stitch. I have worked in design consultancies for over 40 years, in each we had a modelmaking department. Those guys are brilliant but man Peter you take it to another level. :unworthy:

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Those smaller vents in the lower wing were to eject the cartridge links that held the individual rounds together in the ammo belts. One vent for spent cartridges (joined together in one large vent), one for cartridge links (one small vent for each gun). You nailed it!


- Dennis S.

  Thornton, CO USA

Edited by Dennis7423
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evening folks


..still plugging away on the wing skinning - the goal is to replicate what you see below on everything behind the mainspar as all forward of it is filled and smooth on the real airframe..


..some useful shots from aircorps restoration of Lopes Hope..






..there is litle point showing panel by panel, so here is one panel's story....


I start by making a tape template from household masking tape and burnishing it down to the edges of any adjacent panels with a cocktail stick followed by a pencil mark capturing the face edge of them..


..this is the forward gun access hatch..




..then the tape is stuck on a sheet of litho and all the edges scored with one swipe with a scalpel.. the original drawing is scaled to fit this panel and cut out..




..with the scaled printout stuck to the panel, any rivet detail, or openings are added  - rivets one, by one with an awl of different sizes..




any swarf is cleaned up, both surfaces made scrupulously clean and the panel is burnished face side down on hard acrylic sheet with a large metal rod - this gets all the 'pillowing' out where the metal deforms under pressure - afterall all we want is a nice round flat indent representing a flush rivet..


..the waste is simply broken away by using a hold & fold tool - where I can holding the part, not the waste - a couple of wobbles & it breaks away with a surgical edge..




..the panel is then positioned and one edge taped down so it folds back on itself but returns to exactly the right position once the contact cement is added to both the panel and the wing..


..I mask around it to avoid having to clean up every time - the masking must be removed immediately or the glue starts to go off and if the tape is pulled, it pulls big rubbery sheets of adhesive with it..




..same process repeated on every panel..




..and now both wings are complete behind the spar - there are some slots added to the wing in front of the gun panels where I will let in a piano hinge..










..I have been thinking about how to skin the forward part and have decided not to do panel by panel with all the rivets like I did under the wing. I am just going to skin it in two big sheets  rolling around the leading edge with zero detail... the idea being that the original was filled smooth and the detailed panels will be almost impossible to do that to so why bother - there are two detailed panels on the leading edge - a panel to get to the gear leg mounts and the landing light so I will leave openings to add those (I stripped the old landing light panel off as I wasn't happy with it)..


..thats all for next time though..





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...maybe I should take up tiddlywinks!


Beautiful work, man!

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