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Has any one built a WNW DH2?

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On 10/10/2018 at 4:48 AM, Grunhertz said:

As it says above 

What's it like as a build? And can someone recommend the best turmbuckles for the same? 

I just saw this and as it’s almost a year old, I’ll just put my thoughts on record.

The kit builds up nicely. Bob’s Buckles had a great rigging diagram online, and I encourage you to seek it out.

The kit builds like a typical WNW kit. Beautifully. The front and rear halves are built separately then joined after rigging each.  If you follow the logical rigging diagrams, you’ll have no issues.  

Bobs Buckles are great, I use their eyelets in every build. I feel gaspatch 1/32 turnbuckles are often oversized, and I use 1/48 turnbuckles now, especially in control line runs.  Manyhere disagree with me on this, but I use Mono line for wing rigging, and EZ Line for control runs. I like the strength given by mono line. 

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On the other end of the spectrum, you don't have to use either, you can rig a plane using justthe WnW method, just glue ez-line into the holes. Simple and still looks ok. 

I built my Snipe this way and it looks god on the shelf. I know it won’t win any contests, but I’m happy with it.

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