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16 hours ago, Clunkmeister said:

The idea being a compressor on the bottom out of sight, and the generator right above, maintaining stock appearance. 
Notice the Chevrolet Silverado pickup on the rack, those piles of junk are my bread and butter. 

Steady there old chum, that "pile of junk" looks a LOT like a Ford p/u from where I'm sitting....:wacko:....? the very front fender looks doesn't have the Gold Bowtie look.. although I'm not or ever would argue, with you, and if it's your bread and butter, then the General is doing his best to keep you in business....:rofl::rofl:

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Me and my new Ute at the dealership.  Ute:  That's Aussie, for car or small truck made to carry stuff.  To translate into American English that means Ranchero or El Camino to F250.   Y

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Ok so ... I was struggling to work out how, exactly, a fresh pair of beige coloured pants was getting so dirty around the calf/ankle area in a half days wear as if I'd been riding a push bike with an oily chain ... and then it dawned on me that there was a nice clean patch on the ute side skirts where I was climbing in and out of the thing!! ... So ... my most recent purchase:

an all original set of moulded mud guards!! ...


Which look great and should do the job nicely!



They were, however a mongrel to fit ...

Nothing can ever be easy right? ... I had to get the jack out and put it back afterward (no mean feat in these things!) ... jack 4 corners up (each time I fit one!) and remove the rear wheels to do the job.

Rog :)

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