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No, they haven't produced the V8 version of the Gladiator yet.

I'm sure they will.

This is a 3.6 6.

Unfortunately, the scoop is only for looks, however in the V8 traditional jeeps they are functional.

The taller hood scooped jeeps you see are either Mojave ones like mine or V8 or diesel units on traditional jeeps.


Sorry more info than you wanted.

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I’m ordering hard top in black, to match the black Mopar grille. Calgary has terrible climate, from -30 to + 30 degrees Celsius. Plus hail storms etc. gonna insulate the heck out of it. But the rear is going to be canvas for sure. 
no leather and no safety dooodaas, no front camera either. 

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17 hours ago, Ryan said:

Top down and my sons in the background.

Very cool ride, gratulations Ryan. My JK Unlimited has two tops, but since we stripped the hardtop, we are perfectly happy with the soft top. It's way easier to open, without the necessity to store the hardtop parts in the car. The soft top even weathers storms without complains and too much noise. Mine has leather inside, which I really like. Was part of the package as it's a special edition, called JK Edition, which are the last 1250 JK's built.

Cheers Rob 

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We placed the order today. Green Gladiator Mojave, black hard top, black grille. On the picture below is Rachael’s Wrangler side by side with one on the lot. Not sure how long I will Wait for this , we shall see. 


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On 1/14/2022 at 5:54 AM, Bomber_County said:

With fuel prices over here the UK of equiv $9.34 a gallon this wouldn’t be very practical, what’s the mpg guys…….

Back when people really cared about mileage, that made these K Cars....   ugh!



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