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So I got the Element fixed and she's running fine. I'm parked on the street and a delivery guy backs into the driver's door. They promptly take off. The door is nicely crunched in and since it's a hit and run, I'm on the hook for the $1000 deductible if I bother to file a claim. Plus the inevitable rate increase from filing a claim.  The neighbour's security cam shows the crags but the angle is wrong to make out a plate. :wallbash:

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3 hours ago, Martinnfb said:

Bastards, I am heading to the court in September as a witness of similar hit and run scenario. 
no accountability whatsoever 

Drivers here in Toronto are getting to be the worst. Folks don't stop for lights any more, much less stop signs. One of my wife's best friends just had her son killed Thursday by a driver not yielding and turning on red. He was 26. Her son is dead and the driver might, and  I emphasize the might, pay a $200 fine for turn not in safety if they don't get off.. Complete BS.

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Saw this today.  OooooohIm in Looooooove!  
I once had a 47 Chief just like that, but more of a beater than a real show bike  it ran well, but was missing a few key components, one being the chrome shield over the rear cylinder spark plug.  This bike has it. Mine didn’t. You haven’t experienced surprise/shock/pain/agony until you’re all loose, enjoying a relaxing ride, and you right inner thigh comes in contact with an unshielded spark plug lead.  Trust me when I say that it’s sudden, unexpected white hot agony about a foot south of your junk, in one of the most tender areas of the human body.




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Ha ha, talking about tops I’m having hard time to get the Smartcap a stainless steel one from Africa. Might end up with fibreglass after all. 
few shots from yesterday’s evening 

vinyl is back on. This time with matching lines and without bubbles. Ok few crinkles just to add some character:)





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2 hours ago, GazzaS said:


Wrong questions Gary, does the paper thin fragile construction of modern cars take the recoil? Are your wipers able to clear the spent shells? :D

Cheers Rob

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Well, as y’all know, I’m deep into 1955-56 Ford cars, and I just got back from a week in Memphis, Tn., for the 42nd annual Crown Victoria Association Convention which recognizes all 1954-1956 Fords, Meteors, Monarchs, and Mercury automobiles. 
Here’s a few pictures of some of the stand outs of the show. Yes, my 56 is there as well.  
FYI, I do NOT recommend Memphis as a tourist destination any time soon.  The city is awash in gang crime and is a real war zone in certain areas of the city.

The black 54 Ford convertible has a FACTORY sunroof cut into the convertible top.  The solid yellow 55 Ford convertible is loaded with every single factory option available from Ford in 1955, including factory installed air conditioning.

the 1955 Police car and 1955 Fire Chief car are both veterans of those Forces and were restored to how they were delivered in 1955.

The solid red 1956 Ford 4dr sedan has just 16,250 miles on it and has never been touched  it is a perfect unrestored original car.

The 1955 Ford 2 dr sedan race car is an original stock car from 1955 restored to as it was when being campaigned. That car still had its original 272 cubic inch V8 and sounded extremely tough, with a WHOLE lot more than the advertised 162 hp. 😙

The 1956 Meteor convertible under construction is on its way to Sweden after being bought by a Swedish Ford and Meteor nut. He wanted Ms. Pink as well, but she ain’t for sale. 😃




























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