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Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien (Tony) 244th Sentai, Com. Kobayashi

Dave J

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Ok, so the P-47 Work Lunch Time project is annoying the hell of of me... I seem to be spending all my time sanding, filling and rescribing at the moment and I feel that I am getting no where with it! So I need to build some thing that is nearly shake and bake to get my mojo flowing again for the P-47!


I been wanting to tackle the Hasegawa K-61 Tony for a while now... so I am going to do it now! I am also going to throw some AM at it too, I have the following -


  • Aires Cockpit Set
  • Quickboost Undercarriage Covers
  • Wolf Pack Exhaust set
  • Wolf Pack Ki-61 Tei Conversion
  • Hasegawa Barrel set

Scheme is going to be Commander Teruhiko Kobayashi, of the 244th Sentai of the Tokyo Defenders.






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What sort of Fokker is this?  :wacko:


The Hien is such a great looking bird.. almost 'German' in appearance.


Is that a metal finish with green blotches?


Whats a Fokker?


Yeap Sure is Metal and Green!

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OK, is it a Green fuselage with metal paint or metal skin with green blotches ?? :) it might even be a red fuselage with green and aluminium splodges ;)


Love this Hein - as Jim says, it's almost German in looks but not very WnW's.

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Here is a couple of Hein Facts for you...


The first encounter reports from the Amercians claimed Ki-61s were  Bf 109's... 


Kawasaki Ha-40 is the engine that powered the Ki-61, these were a license-built Daimler Benz 601a engine...

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Indeed! Its about time that I pulled finger and did it!


This is a refreshing build...a little outside of the normal stuff you see a lot of. That scheme is going to be fun.


Yeap... Love that Bare Metal, Green blotches and that brigh Red Tail!

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So doing a little bit of reading last night and it appears that Kobayashi's Hien was a Tei (D) model which has the longer nose. The Tei was lengthen by 190 mm (7.5 in) just after the exhaust line and forward of the windscreen to make room for the installation of Japanese 20 mm Ho 5 cannon, as the supply of MG 151 was not guaranteed by U-boat and the Ho-5 stocks were there in Japan...


The Hasegawa kit is a short nose version, but Wolf pack designs do an conversion set. I was able to find one out of BNA Models in Aussie, so it should be here in the next week, since it only has to make a quick trip across the ditch to NZ.


So I am going to have to do some chopping to make this fit!...




So much for my Shake and Bake build!

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Looking forward to your build Dave!  IIRC, didn't Kobayashi fly a few different Ki61's with the silver/green splotch paint scheme, giving you the option to do one with the standard kit nose as well (maybe a different colored fuselage stripe)?



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So the resin plug arrived today.... so I performed a little bit of surgery during lunch... excuss the shitty iPad pic's!




The cutlines were marked out using black ink, lucky all of the cut lines were panel lines, so it will make this task a tad easier!




Using my sprue cutters.. the nose has been removed!







It just needs some clean up with a file

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