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Heinkel HE219 A 2/5/7


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more progress on this, the front office is now done and I have the fuselage closed up the whole thing is now drying fully before i do some more. I had to create some imaginative ideas to get 90g of weight in the nose so made a mould from tin foil filled with melted solder as can be seen with the big lump that i epoxied into the gap between the cockpit and the main spar P1060572.thumb.JPG.08bc97f898989391e2fb09d89368caee.JPGP1060573.thumb.JPG.71f4e0ff5e54b354e8394d072d368617.JPGP1060574.thumb.JPG.2b567a9bf00a3357ed914f5aa03ce3c6.JPG





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Well a couple of things firstly what looks like a great idea by having top and bottom panels separate means having to fill them along the seams so double the cleaning up. Also the armoured glass doesn't fit in the canopy so this needed lots sanding down to make it fit. I then started the wing assembly and I could then see how bloody big this is. IMG_1502.thumb.JPG.bcb51357208c81a5891eee804e1544fc.JPGIMG_1504.thumb.JPG.dbfb5b68e307aade6a29f5e4df84c768.JPGIMG_1505.thumb.JPG.2a509f22def03b4a69c7786c43809b66.JPG

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