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This is one of my (few) builds. And it is actually the last one I completed ... in 2016 :(

The kit is an old Air Craft vacuform that I fetched on eBay some 10 years ago. It is a very good kit of a rare bird : the Nieuport Sesquiplan, which beat the world speed record in 1921, being the first aircraft to fly above the "magic" (at that time) 200 mph threshold.

Although a vacform, this is a very good kit, having been formed in female molds, with precisely-formed parts and a great fit overall.

The actual informations about the subject are few and sparse, so I had to use plausible guesses when I wanted to go to town on detailing the cokpit. All of this for the glory of the sport, as not much can be seen in the diminutive cockpit opening (14 mm dia).

The prop was hand-carved in laminated wood (not as daunting as you imagine) and the markings are either home-made decals or custom masks drawn and cut on my Silhouette cutter.

Finally, I was inspired by a pic in "The Speed Seekers" book, so tried to emulate this pic with a modified Preiser 1/32 figure to represent its pilot Sadi Lecointe, who was one of the great post-war « flying knights » heroes of the time, at least in France.

I hope you will like it.








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Thank you. Looking at the pics, I realise that the metal area of the cowling up to the cockpit looks white is some areas. It is just a light reflection in the pics, as the kit does not look like this IRL ...

And my Sadi Lecointe in macro-photo shows that I can improve my figure painting skills, although it does not look that bad when seen with « normal » eyes ;) 


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That’s an aircraft you don’t see everyday, and I’m ashamed to say that despite my attempts at knowing much about early aviation record attempts and racing, I had not, until now, heard of Chevalier Lecointe.

Beautiful model and an awesome likeness of the great man himself, Hubert!

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