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Looks like the HpH C-47 / DC-3 kit is in the landing pattern ...


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  • 2 weeks later...

Impressive model. The nose shape looks Ok now, and the tires have a rounder profile than initial pics showed.

On the postive side, the detailing and surface detail looks oustanding. On the negative side, the whole area around the wing roots/engine nacelles looks to have a not-so-great fit ... and the price tag (with VAT, as it is an European company retailing in a (still)European country, of 600 GBP hurts somewhat :wacko: ...

Still waiting for a fuselage with passenger doors and not cargo doors ...


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  • 2 weeks later...

Might just have to start building some 1/144 scale kits, so I can actually build up the secret model fund for all the goodies I want. With each new announcement, my list changes and changes. After Aifix’s announcement of their 1/24 Hellcat coming this summer, my full concentration has been on this Iron Works Gang Cat. I’ve even thought about buying again another 1/24 Airfix Tiffy with the bubble canopy but finding one at a reasonable price has become frustrating  hunt.



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