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Tamiya F4U-1D Corsair: Update: 2/1019


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Yikes, can't believe at how much time has past since my last update. With the holidays, the normal craziness for this time of the year, buying and setting up a new computer system, I have been one busy boy.  My other passions have  always been photography and flying and my new PC needed not only had  to be set up for normal use but for photography, which included:

Benko Sw240 Photographic Monitor

Canon Pro 10 Photographic Printer

Epson 600 Photo Scanner for converting negatives and slides into digital files

and then all the other normal accessories: printer, DVD Player/Burner and external HD for storage.

Of course, being a Mac Guy, this was no easy task but everything is up and running.

But yes, the Corsair is still moving down the line and an update hopefully by the end of the weekend.

Peter :construction:




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  • Peterpools changed the title to Tamiya F4U-1D Corsair: Update: 1/1/19




Finally, been back at the bench and have been making some nice progress with a boatload of assemblies completed. After loosing a number of key parts to the Carpet Monster for the wing fold assembly and a call to Tamiya USA failed as the parts were not in stock, my good friend John B came to the rescue; all the lost parts plus a few extras were mailed and in a few days time, all the parts plus were in the mailbox. Without John’s 7th Cavalry call to action, I would be still whistling Dixie and going nowhere waiting for Tamiya to call the parts were in.  Thanks Buddy, so very much appreciated.

First up was completing the wing fold mechanism, then the main center wing assembly completed and glued into place - perfect fit. Papa Tamiya never fails to deliver, just carefully follow the instructions and watch for any paint lurking on gluing surfaces.  Gear doors were next, as well as the landing gear was completed. I chucked the Tamiya vinyl tires as I’m just not a fan and went with Edwards resin set; cleaned up and done: gorgeous detail and test fitting showed a precise fit. The inner flaps were now built up and care has to be taken as they can be built either up or down but they are not interchangeable. Loads of work and of course a lot of the details and PE will never be seen but it’s all there.

The outer wing panels were completed and the six 50 cal MG barrels were added (Evergreen rod) as none are in the kit. I also closed up the shell ejection opening from the inside, giving the look of a machine gun housing rather than being able to look smack dab into the wing.

I’ve struggled a bit with the gear colors and decided after looking at a lot of photos and the link to the Naval Air Museum that Rob posted (thank you for the link and help)tion), the gear and just the inside of the gear doors should be light gray with the rest of the gear well Gloss Dark Navy Blue.

Next up Back to the front windscreen and cowling which has been resting in place all this time. Cleanup seams and getting ready for priming.

Thanks for checking in





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Looking good Peter!  Curious how the fit is between those Eduard resin tires and the outer rim pieces.  On my set, the outer rims were too small, leaving large gaps between the parts.  I opted to take the kit outer rims and sand them to within an inch of their life, and used them with the Eduard resin tires.  The kit parts are slightly larger in diameter, but I was able to slightly sand them to a smaller diameter to fit the Eduard parts.

Great progress, you are really making me want to pull my kit out of the stash!

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Nice progress Peter, painting stage not to far ahead. On my Birdcage F4U I used the Brassin wheels without problems, the gap was perfect to my eye, but I've heard about that problem with the gap between wheel and hub in other places, so maybe Eduard altered something while producing.

Cheers Rob

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On 1/3/2019 at 2:53 PM, Uncarina said:


Your updates are some of the best in the business! Detailed, informative, and with stellar photography. I’ve used them multiple times as a reference for my builds. Keep on keeping on!

Happy New Year,  Tom

+1 Peter. Always the same.. for years and years.. always the same. Keep em comin.. to coin a phrase..

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