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1/32 Revell RF-4C 14th TRS

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Hello Frank, how could I missed out on your fantastic build. Splendid work! Pulling out my comfy chair :)



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Frank, lovely work. Looking really good mate.....harv :popcorn:

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Lots of busy work, correction and receipt of a great reference.  The reference being "The Modern Phantom Guide".  I wish I would have had it to begin with.  Pretty awesome book!

The tail was identified as being too sharp.  I almost overlooked it and had to make a correction despite having already painted it.  Ended up pretty happy with the change.



I traded for this kit.   I think it might be the same kit run two different times or from another version.  Different colored plastic and some misaligned body lines are the clues, maybe I am wrong.  There is going to be a fair amount of re scribbing. If I pushed it all the way back to line up the intakes would have had a pretty good gap.  So I chose to re-scribe.



There was some decent gaps between the fuselage and the wings.



I used some plastic stock to cut some gap filling strips and make sure it had strength to secure the wings properly.  I have since filled both sides as it worked out pretty well. 



I began detailing the landing gear.  References in this case have been very helpful.  Many modifications learned for the next Phantom.



The ALQ-71 F-4 Short Tail is all put together awaiting a good coat of primer.



And lastly the Vertical portion of the back deck is smoothed out.  Ready to have wiring drilled through it....


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Lots of big parts glued together with still more prep work.  I have started on the exhaust base coats and color experimentation on a test plane.


Gluing the body parts together has been brutal.  I haven't seen such huge gaps in a long time.  Basically where light and grey plastic meet there will be lots of body work.  Low score on the fit and finish on this model.  There will be another week or more making this right.  And its just not gaps, its elevation as well.



The little triangular NACA intake forward of the right side auxiliary air door has been filled (white triangle).  And still more body work.



The nose is fitting pretty well.  Some minor sanding and maybe a bit of checking the panel line depth and it will be good.



Its starting to look like a Phantom.  Seeing it like this after many months feels pretty good.



Fuel tank re-enforcement made from left over brass.  It wasn't very straight and required a bit of work.  Still not perfect but well on the way.



Last of the rear deck wiring was completed.  Now just to add some details, clamps, rivets and retainers.



My first attempt at scribbing was less than desirable.  I will have to do it again.......and probably again still..



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    Some good progress.  I don't envy you fixing those gaps.  I hate re-scribing.  My lines always look horrible to me.  I wish there was a better way...lol.



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