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Brummbär! I beg your pardon! 27/Dec/18


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I tell you little story...   I was teenage boy...  Just bought Tamiya Marder II...  It comes with foldout mini Tamiya catalogue...  In catalogue is Brummbär, and camoflage looks like block pattern.  This is not box art, mind you.  But one that someone has built (if memory serves).  I carry image of this through my adult life and still remember it today.

...sorry...  Watching doco on Vladimir Putin....


Anyway...  Some  base coat, some color modulation, and finally the blocky camoflage.  Pictures...













Thanks for looking!!



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Spent some time today increasing my eye strain and trying to paint details.


Instead of being tied to one of Dragon's three almost identical camo schemes I decided to do one that has been in my head since I was a teen.



I've become totally unsure about rusted mufflers of late.  So, my reasoning here is to rust only the part that would have gotten rained or dripped on.  It'll get a heavy dose of pastels later.



If you think your eyes are seeing hints of red in the axles of the spares, you'd be right.  I saw a picture of a captured example and noticed that the bearings had been coated with a layer of protective grease.  Whether this was modern grease or WWII vintage grease...  I have no idea.  I hit all of the canvas cover tarp clips with a bit of steel to make them standout.  Fortunately for me, some of this Stürmpanzer's pioneer tools must be hidden.


I only primed the metal schürzen plates today and will probably hit them with paint either late tomorrow or Saturday.


Thanks for looking!





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Great Gaz, I like that brick-wall-camo, but what will disguise them in a forest :D? Concerning the mufflers I'm not an expert, but was an engineer and on places where heat, water and dust meet steel, the paint will have a hard time to stay in place and corrosion is about to start.

Don't want to be smart mouthed, but I'm German (heel click :rofl:) and have to tell you its only a Sturmpanzer without the dots on the 'u'.

Cheers Rob

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3 hours ago, Bomber_County said:

Looking good, just trying out a new airbrush set up before starting priming the 10 kits have ready.....what the base sand / yellow you’ve used??

Thank you Phil!  The base coat is Tamiya Buff XF-57  mixed with Tamiya Flat White at various ratios close to 70/30.  To pick up the edges and details a little, I added a tiny bit of Tamiya Red Brown XF-64 into the mix.  I was suggested to try the buff by fellow club member because we both felt that Tamiya Dunkelgelb weathered up too darkly after washes, filters, and a matte coat had been applied.


Hope you find this useful!



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