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Scribing Ruler 15cm/6in

Jim H

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Scribing Ruler 15cm/6in
RB Productions

Catalogue # RB-T049
Available from RB Productions for €4,50



Sometimes, it’s the simplest of tools that we get the most workbench satisfaction from. This tool is one of those that will probably be on your bench quite a lot due to its multirole purpose in aiding the marking/scribing/measuring of various aspects of your model’s surface. Packed into a slim, clear wallet, the Scribing Ruler is carefully taped to a card stiffener which protects it from bending and rolling around loosely.


The rule itself is manufactured from very thin stainless steel and is already presented without the need to remove any fret, although I do suggest carefully removing the fret connection tabs from each end of the rule. A small jeweller’s file should easily do this. One edge of the rule is calibrated in metric divisions, whilst the opposite is measured imperially. For the metric, small holes are provided at every 1mm point, with pointers etched to show full centimetres and also 0.5mm positions. For the latter, you would need to gauge the position between two adjacent points. 


For the imperial side, holes are provided every 1/24 of an inch, with etched positions identifying every 1/12 and 1/48 of an inch. For the latter, again you will need to gauge this from adjacent hole positions. 


With this tool, you can of course wrap it around the surface of a model due to the very thin gauge of the stainless steel, and after marking the start and finish positions of your line to scribe, you can then use the straight edge to run a scriber along, providing a sharp, clear guide as you go, in the same way that some modellers would use plastic Dymo tape. Of course, you can just use the edge for casual scribing or marking your surface with a pencil, or just mark relative positions using the holes. The holes themselves are quite small and ideally you would need a very sharp pencil to be able to use the tool properly, but hey, that’s accuracy!

A simple, yet very nicely executed and manufactured tool which I don’t doubt will be immensely useful to the average modeller who likes to add rivet lines or scratch details to their models.

My sincere thanks to RB Productions for the review sample seen here. To purchase directly, click the link at the top of this article.



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The measuring tools that we released in Telford, the "Protractor & Set Square" and the "Scribing Rule" sold out as pre-orders before Telford. The demand was so high that we made another small batch just for Telford - it was delivered to the hotel in Telford and we packed it there at the stand during the show. By the end of the first day in Telford we ran out of packaging and we were selling these without packaging. Then we ran out of non-packaged items too. The demand was so high that somebody wanted to buy the "demo" set-square and ruler. Anyway, we are working on a large batch and we expect to be ready to send them in the next week or two. If you want any of our tools, please order them even if they are marked "out of stock". If your name is "on the list", we may even send your order before the items are marked "in stock" on the website. 


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