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lost In translation


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Once, back in Germany  I bought a Toyota and tried to understand the function of the air conditioner by reading the manual. It was impossible to understand the function and how to's, but was a lot of fun anyway. You wouldn't have thought about what is possible in German language :rofl:. Looking at the real thing, everything was clear in a second, because it was well engineered.

Sometimes I fear that the same people write the manuals to weapon systems :icon_eek:.

Cheers Rob

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We’ve got ‘em in America as well.....



I remember this place in Beverley, Mass., when I lived in Gloucester. I about blew my Dunkin’s Coffee out my nose when I saw this the first time.



And this is in Boston’s North End. If you’ve ever been to or lived in Boston, you’ll immediately get this.


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THIS is why I absolutely LOVE this place.  We're all adults and can have fun with nobody getting all bent out of shape.

Regarding the abovementioned sign.  With the website, they should half inserted a "t" after 'half'.  One's eyes can really play tricks on an individual....

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