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Australia’s first two locally-based F-35A fighter aircraft arrived at Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Williamtown


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F-35A Lightning II serialled A35-009 and A35-010, in the colors of the 3 SQN, arrived at their new homebase at RAAF Williamtown, Newcastle, NSW, Australia, on Dec. 10, 2018.

With the arrival of the first two aircraft, Australia becomes the 7th nation with F-35 aircraft based locally on their home soil, and with the formal stand-up of RAAF Williamtown, F-35s are now operating from 16 bases worldwide.



One of Australia’s first two F-35A aircraft commences its journey home from Luke Air Base Arizona, on 3 December, 2018. SGT CPL Dan Pinhorn / © Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Defence

The aircraft, which had departed Luke Air Force Base, Arizona, on Dec. 3, arrived overhead RAAF Williamtown alongside four “legacy” Hornets (one of those was the camera ship from which most of the images you can find in this post were shot): A21-39, A21-38 and A21-109, representing the 77 SQN, 75SQN, 2 OCU, were among them, based on the photographs released thus far.



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Very cool.......... and I guess Qz hasn't a buyer for all the old used and worn out F-18's, no one else wants to buy... oh wait, we here in Canada will pay top dollar for used iron , why buy anything new an advanced like the rest of the world...... consider your old used F18's SOLD..... I saw a shoulder patch on a Sea King pilot's arm not long ago here in Canada it said " Flying Yesterday's Aircraft Tomorrow"............................................ its embarrassing................... no wonder we can't keep pilots............... Australia gets it............. why can't Canada???

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