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HK Models 1/32 Avro Lancaster Mk.1 (Part 1)


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3 minutes ago, Bomber_County said:

Robert, the cheapest I can find and sourced from a uk retailer is £349.99

($445.26 ) thru to £399.99 plus postage probably...........we’re screwed

That’s sad because the Lanc means so much more to Brits than it does to Yanks...... l’m an outlier.

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Thats why a lot of us took up the offer of a 'pre-order'

I sent my order into a place in Germany at the cost of 329Euro (inc Free P+P) £306, but I have yet to receive it.

I have been reliably informed that it will be sometime the last 2 weeks of January


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On 1/2/2019 at 3:47 AM, NigelR32 said:

I ordered mine here. Plastmodel are a great supplier. Their prices are great, their delivery is quick and their packaging is awesome.


Thanks for the heads up Nigel:  Got 'em ordered and on the way.

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3 hours ago, robertmro said:

Now that l’ve had the chance to go over the contents of my copy and viewed both of Nigel’s very through reviews, I have a few observations. 

The first thing Is that I purchased mine online and it was delivered in an HK corrugated box. 


The box and it’s contents were in perfect condition including the clear parts. 

I’ve been making and selling am parts online and know about the issues of shipping to the UK. So my heart goes to my compatriots in Britain. It seem to me that you are getting screwed in multiple ways.

I was concerned about the thickness of the wing molding as pointed out by Nigel but mine has no such issue. Is it possible that his wings are defective?

All that said, the areas that could use more detail are the engines and the cockpit. The Merlins are very spartan and engine bearers look a bit thick but the shape of both basically correct. The instrument panel really should have been more detailed but Airscale has already addressed this. 

The most challenging details to add are the adjustments knobs on the trimmer gearbox and  the bomb sight extensions.


Robert Mrozowski 

Thanks for taking the time to watch my videos and not complain about them. 

On the wing issue, I'm not sure if there is a problem or not?? There may have been a shift on the middle core of the tool, but I very much doubt it? It seems I am the only one to have had damaged parts, excepty for one other I know of but that was because the courier threw it over the customers gate!!

I'm sure it's fine, I might see if I can stiffen it up on the inside, or parhaps ask HK for a replacement? 

I have made a start on the trim wheels. The larger forward facing one at least, where I have drilled a disc of plastic, put rods in it then coated it in sprue goo to get it all to look soft and moulded jelly like.. you know what I mean. the top one could be made from the spinner prop on a bomb, or perhaps the screw blades off a modern ship kit? I also thought of cutting the rim off the wheel a 1/43 scale vintage car and using the hub and spokes, but I dont have one???

As soon as I'm done I'll post pics of the wheels here.

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Lonesome Lola LL845

Hi Guys

Don't know if this is of interest to you.

My grandfather Lionel (Jack) Langford Westrope Of Sq9 was one of the bomb aimers in Lonesome Lola LL845
I have my Grandfathers flight log book I have been doing some research in what he did during the war and cannot seem to find too much info on 9 squadron during that time.
He spent much of his time in Lonesome Lola LL845  which included missions on the Tirpitz (1200lb), Sorpe dam (tall Boy), Bergen U Boat pens ( 1200lb),And Munich (1200lb) to name a few she seemed to be a pretty lucky plane and he completed many many missions in her.

I am more than happy to send out a copy of his flight log, if anybody is interested.

Please email me on james@chaslowe.com and I will send you a copy of his flight logbook.

All the best 



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