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1/32 Lancaster build and improvements


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Thanks Ron,

Thats just the point I'm making.. the black and white pic I have shown is from a manual for the B.1 and III. The images you have shown, just like most on the net shows the yellow on top, but they are all restorations and not even photo's in some instances.

Still, I changed it anyway..


That took some masking!!!

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15 hours ago, CrankyCrafstman said:

Hey Nige 

 Have you checked with Peter at airscale to see what he thinks they should be painted?

Ron G 

Already done that thanks Ron, however, I'm sure yellow over blue is correct, it's certainly more common and I've found at least a couple of pics from wartime with yellow over blue.

I guess, back at the factory an assembler had a set of gauges and some wires in a harness fashion and put it all together, maybe some got it different to others? I dunno??

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OK, here goes.. this is gonna be a long one..

If you look at pics of early Lancs from inside the cockpit you'll see that the bulkhead behind the pilots seat is forward of the upper fusleage opening. The HK kit has this bulkhead flush with the rear edge of the opening.

I can see how this error has been made.. the pilots raised floor area is too long in the kit, so the bulkhead is proprtionally correct in relation to the back of the raised floor.. but... as you travel rearwards the position of the W/O in relation to the main spar is fixed.. as a result the overall length of the table has suffered and the Navigator has taken the hit. I think this also explains why the two boxes, which I think are depicting batteries, in front of the W/O seat are under his feet and not forward under the table?

We must also consider the radio gear in the kit and their locations. The ARI 5033 radio, part X25 is called out to go on a shelf fitted to the bulkhead part X4. This is incorrect for an early Lanc so the slot for the shelf, part X5 should be filled and the shelf sent off to the spares bin.

The two boxes and bracket sat on the pedestal behind the pilots seat, parts X20-X22 and EP9-10 are actually equipment for the H2S Radar, so should go in the spares bin if the H2S is not used. The ARI 5033 Indicator should be put in this place on a pedestal.

So, in the first pic we can see the holes filled in the floor, yes, all of em in reality,:wacko: and the new holes I've made for the front bulkhead. (The bulkhead needs to be thinned down to represent the sheet metal it's made from.

In the foreground we can see the table extension and the slot filled in the radio bulkhead part X4. I am checking to see if the angled platform on the table needs to be removed as it carries an electrnic display called "Fishpond" which I believe was part of the H2S radar so shouldn't be there on my model?  As previously mentioned, note the woodgrain on the table.. now destroyed. Note also the ejector pin marks on the bulkheads.. these need to be filled.

Behind the floor we can see the floor mounted boxes, part X23 with the two boxes cut out in front of the W/O seat. I haven't fully researched what this array should look like yet but it would appear that this is also incorrect for a B.I/III without H2S? The two most forward boxes should be mounted on a frame, with the larger one, the control panel on top. Both these boxes support the Indicator now fitted on the pedestal above them...... Have I lost you yet?


In this next picture we can see the whole lot placed into position. Note the proximity of the forward bulkhead in relation to the pilots seat, the room around the W/O feet and the correctly proprtioned table. Also note the vertical supports need to be relocated forward to stay in proprtion with the table and radio bulkhead.


Here we can see the whole lot placed inside the front fuselage section. I feel this has been worth doing, especially on my model as I have corrected the pilots floor and closed up the huge gap behind it. It would appear the vertical pillar on the fron bulkhead is ficticious so needs to be removed. I will also need to make the pedestal for the Indicator to sit on.



Thanks for stopping by...

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Hey guys, me again...

I just finished assembling the Airscale IP upgrade set, and what a beautiful set it is...

Here are the three panels you get in the set, as well as the IP. Note the added toggle switches and fuel taps.


The engineers panel looks lovely in my opinion..


The IP is a thing of beauty..




I put together a couple of videos about how I got on with the set.. 

Go get a beer and enjoy..

Here's part 1

Here's Part 2


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:omg: WOW! Nige

  That IP and other panels look amazing. The interior of your Lank is going to be a real show winner.

  Now if I can just get these old arthritic hands and blind eyes to work I might be able to come close to your work...lol :unworthy::unworthy::unworthy::D

 Watched your videos on how to do it they are really good.

Ron G 

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I've watched all the Videos of Just Jayne, looked at far too many cockpit photos of museum aircraft. I've also studied the WNW images. 

Conclusions: there are differences between aircraft, due to manufacturing site, service use, inservice refits and age related restoration.  The HK model is reasonably representative, but the pilots seat plinth should be as you have depicted it.  Well Done and thanks for all your work!!

I'll continue my research, the kit is in the box and I'll get to it in the autumn. It will be my winter project. 

When the WNW kit arrives I may make their forward cockpit, I've thought about using the HK clear forward fuselage... 

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I'm uncertain about the colour of the surrounds for some of the instrument and switches. 

I've just got a copy of Lancaster, by Dan Patterson, it features photos of the BBMF Lancaster in 1996. 

According to many on the Engineers Panel the top row of vertical gauges are black, the next row, oil temperature are yellow edged, the next row the water temperature are blue. 

The BBMF A/C has dark brown top row (bakalite??), then yellow, then black, not blue. 

On the Main panel the engine panel has red edges to the boost gauges, lower to the right the feathering controls are red edges, black buttons. Below them ate 4 engine cut off buttons under red lift up flaps. 

Of course, there is no real evidence that the BBMF panels in 1996, when the photos were taken are as a newish 1944 Lancaster. 

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There are so many variations on the instrument colours, sometimes they were repainted as well. During wartime the groundcrew would take whatever was available even if not to specs. There was a war on.

I would suggest you look at the generic ones you see in pics.


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Subject : bulged bomb doors used with Tallboy? Any Ideas where to get ones? Where there different bulged variants? 

Ps. I have been busy with studies for couple of months but now back with Lanc. (As a rehearsal, I will make one 1:48 Tamia Spit V for my friend. I have not used my Iwata for almost a year and I am terrified) 

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