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What is on your bench right now ? Share a picture :)

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18 minutes ago, BlrwestSiR said:

Some very nice planes there Hubert. Glad they survived the move with minimal damage. 


One of my regrets is to never have bought a second ST-M kit while Paul was still in operation ... I have an extensive stash of Fisher kits but would not have minded a second PT-20 ...


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Okay, here's my bench as it sits currently.  The dust is from the 1/4 Fokker D.VII I am currently building on it.

Almost finished, only the engine cowling and the coolant pipe from the engine up to the wing radiator are still missing. I hardly dare to write - the Albatros was started to be built sometime in 200

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4 hours ago, HubertB said:

Well, after a 5-months hiatus during which surveying the final works of the new house, moving and settling into it took priority, I am back at the bench, to do some repairs to the finished kits which had suffered some (minor) damage in the move.

I had to redo a full fork for the ST-M tailwheel, in brass, as the original resin one did not survive in a good enough shape. I really suck at welding, but I prevailed nevertheless :) !

i-3WMVbJd-600x450.jpg i-8wNXFBc-600x450.jpg i-hpXWNJJ-600x450.jpg i-RTWx2BC-600x450.jpg i-LLZxGdV-600x450.jpg

Me happy ;)


 Very nice. I still want STM. I have a Ryan NR1 Recruit I want to trade for one for years now. Like you I have several of Paul's models....harv

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