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What is on your bench right now ? Share a picture :)

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13 hours ago, Bill_S said:

The wings on the W.29 have been fighting me all the way. HGW lozenge decals were a disaster.   New Aviattic lozenge decals are on order - maybe I can get the underside painted before they arrive next week!


    I honestly hate covering that much plane in decals.  No matter how good the decals are.  I've been seriously considering making masks.  But I'm sure that will lead to another kind of hell.


Good luck!



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Okay, here's my bench as it sits currently.  The dust is from the 1/4 Fokker D.VII I am currently building on it.

Almost finished, only the engine cowling and the coolant pipe from the engine up to the wing radiator are still missing. I hardly dare to write - the Albatros was started to be built sometime in 200

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14 hours ago, TJTX said:

Cleaned up the bench to head to work.  Also made room for the starting of my next project.   I owe so much to someone for this opportunity and I hope I can do it justice!


I guess what goes around comes around, Tony. I haven't forgotten the favor you did for me!

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The F-105 (with AM) is - was - one of ultimate fantasy kits. Reason, especially considering my current output, led me to let someone else pick up the challenge ;) . 
Go for it Fran  !


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Mine currently sits proudly on the Shelf of Doom. It has an Aires pit and wheel bays and G-factor legs. I had to sand the back side of the bays to nearly paper thin to get them to fit.

The leading edge slats on the kit are hokey; given the chance to do it over, I'd leave out the PE hinges and glue them in place (that's the part that got me stuck).

The intake covers are a good call, too. Otherwise, you can see through the intakes all the way to the back end. I built intake trunking on mine; a major PITA, but I learned a lot in doing it.

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My first build back into the hobby ! First PE,resin and metal landing gear. I liked the way it came out considering.  Also first free hand ab camo.. I have considered doing another. I'll be watching this one !....harv :popcorn:

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