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Change of course....RF-4C home

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I have spent a pretty good sum of money on a RF-4C Project I have been working on.  Time away from the family, from what was already limited. 

Having said that it has been a great kit and one that I am learning a lot on. 

I was building the RF-4C for a person that claimed they had flown the plane.  Unfortunately, they have turned out to be a liar.  They were outed by some other interested parties and its been a bummer to say the least.  In the mean time I have a partially built RF-4C that could use a good home.  As I am in the military I will be moving later this year.  I had build it with someone else in mind and would like to keep it as such. 

If you know a deserving veteran or organization that would like the RF-4C build to be continued with them in mind please let me know.  Its not too late to change course on the exterior color scheme.  In the mean time I am going to continue building. 


Happy modeling to you all!



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