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RR Spey powered RAF Phantom conversion


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The Phantom is being worked on every day but mostly without visible progres. But today the Sparrows and centreline fueltank were airbrushed. I think that the Sidewinders will be blue to represent inert ones to give a bit more colour. All that white hurt your eyes:)



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I don’t think the RAF ever referred to the FGR2 as “Rhino”:)

At last the majority of the decals are done with the yellow walkways completed too. I don’t see how to make the very small red stripes radiating from these. Let’s say the maintenance crew forgot to mask them.^_^


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Looks great with the decals on. Really ties it together. 

2 hours ago, Bomber_County said:

Absolutely stunning, when I went to fit my auxiliary doors, one dropped into the fuselage never to be seen again. Had to remake one :wallbash:

I had that happen on my Hind. One of the cabin windows popped and fell in. I can hear it rattle inside but no way to get it out much less glue it back in place. 

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Hope that doesn’t happen to me:huh:

As you know at the time Tamiya San made things difficult by providing seperate canopy and frame parts. He really must have had great faith in his clientèle.

Getting the glazing off the sprue without damage is impossible . I managed to get a nice fit but sanding  and polishing and a dipping in your favorite floorpolish is still needed. You can see them here dryfitted in place. Really  on the homestretch now.





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With the harbour in sight I admit defeat.

the rear canopy had come loose from  the frame while masking the inside and had to be reglued. With disastrous results as there was a fingerprint on the clear bit. Sanding didn’t work so I tried to be a smartypants and glue the Revell part to the Tamiya rear section. But that was no succes either.

So I have to either source a replacement canopy and frame or this project will be transferred to the shelf of d...elay.




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Hi Harv, thanks but no as they do not fit. Been there done that;)

I need a Tamiya rear canopy and frame. I read that some aftermarket is being developed so here's to hoping.

In the meantime I will contine this build and finish it bar the rear canopy and hope for a solution after that:)

I can always maintain that it was a special project to Martin Baker to test ejection seats.

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