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What the Fox Bat?? An OOB Build for fun ICM MiG 25PD

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Excellent news, fellas!  Thank you very much!  I started on the cans last weekend, but then came four days of uninterrupted work.  I hope to have a small update sometime tomorrow.



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With a few hours to spare, here is an update on the MiG:


I'm not a complete stranger to Ukrainian plastic.  For size comparison I present my build of the UM Bf109G-14 in 1/48:


The port side landing gear attaches at three points and consists of five parts.  The starboard side looks just the same minus glue/paint thumbprint.



For those of you hoping for a detailed engine...  This is all there is.


The white plastic is sheet I used to solidify an unsupported seam.  The kind where one side will bow if you have to sand it.

Looking up the cans:



I should have worked a little harder on ejector pin marks.  But, I missed some.

Then there is this seam on one of the vanes....



Thanks for looking!




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Another update...

    I'd better slow down before they raise my quota....


Anyway...  The day started with gluing the large fuselage Dorsal section to cans and bracing frames. 

I had started on the twin rudders yesterday and had them puttied ready for sanding today.  When first dry fitted, they showed some warpage:


Each one also had an intake which needed a bit of work to make look neat:



I had also closed up the nose cone with a 32g sinker glued in place with CA.

Dry fitting showed a small bit of trimming was required:



I tried cold-bending the rudders, but with seconds, there was a seam pop.  So, I went with the hair dryer.  Seems a little straighter.


Hopefully the angles and dihedral are right...Anyone wanna input?  There is room to squeeze the rudders closer...  or I'll have to add a fillet.

Back view:



A side shot... She's big!


Takes up more space than a 1/32 109.


Anyway...  all input appreciated.  Hopefully I can find a useful plan drawing somewhere...


Thanks for looking!




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