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Thanks to the mods for this opportunity.

As the title states I am still involved in custom mask making for modellers.

It seems that the hobby cutters can reach their limitations in the more detailed masking jobs, and commercial mask suppliers dread the custom mask scenario.

I have always liked the work as I make masks for all of my kits . I also like the singular work for guys doing special subjects.

A mask and decal set produced by me ,with close interaction with the customer ,ended up on a Telford Gold winner.

I have also produced around 30 custom mask sets for individuals. These range from a few serials to a full 1/32 WW 2 fighter set.

A lifetime of signwork and custom work and the accumulation of the needed equipment affords the opportunity as well.

Here are the rules for the work.

1) You do your own research. There is simply no room in pricing for me to do that for you.  This means all of it , colors , sizes , fonts etc. I can check kits (if I have them) and my references if specific questions arise. I have most of the required fonts.

2) Once the work is specified , I will quote a price. The price does not change unless the order changes. Postage will be sorted at this stage too.

3) Once the work is specified and price agreed on, I will send an full size image file of the work for you , the customer , to check. You would print this out and check the file to make sure its what you want. This procedure was developed over the course of making mask sets and works very well.

4) Masks are made from sign masking vinyl ,an industry option, and the only one I offer. So order as you need , there is a slight amount of shrinkage that occurs .Application instructions are included as well as transfer tape if required. Decal sets can be ordered as well if required.

5) Payment is by E-Transfer and payment is requested when the image file is accepted. Masks are typically mailed within a 2 week period. Any longer and terms can be discussed.

6) I will not make masks that are already available , this avoids a competitive setting, which only drives the price down. Roundels for example are readily available and can be supplemented with custom serials or other markings which I would be happy to make.

7) Mask sets will be packaged in zip lock baggies and sent the best way possible for customer satisfaction.


 If you want some singular subject custom masks and have all of the info you need , then by all means send me a PM and I'll see if I can help you.

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