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Sturmgeschutz III Ausf B, Blitzkrieg! - Greece 1941

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:D  I want to share with us one of my past works. I hope you like it!.

Tamiya 1/35 -Voyager  Photoetched and tracks of Friulmodels

Blitzkrieg! - Greece 1941

1.- I started to paint. First I applied the white color as coat base because grey over the plastic grey not is very recommendable
2.- Painted the model with grey-panzer

Of the kit using "Micro Sol" before to add the decals and "Micro Set" for fix them.

Detailing and Weathering:
I applied during three days 3 filters and the results was a little change in the color, please check the following pics with the previous before of the filters. The tools were painted too. I Added a little impact on the front fender.

Filters: I used turpentine spirit 95% mixed with humbrol 5% - 1st. dark earth (gloss) #10 - 2nd. matt iron-grey # 92 and 3rd. matt steel grey # 87.

Tools: Jack, metal bars, metal box and hooks with Humbrol mettalic gunmetal # 53, wooden bars and box with matt white # 34 first and over it leather brown # 62 and finally the tweezers with Vallejo orange-brown # 981

I made a weathering in the hull and surface using a mixed of turpentine spirit and oils. In the chassis and wheels was added a mix of white pigments and Mr. Surfacer 1000 of Gunze for make a dry earth. For the tracks I used Metalcotte black (special for the metal pieces) and after dry I added a light touch of leather brown of Humbrol and painted with Vallejo chocolat-brown.

Finished with airbrush of Tamiya's buff and flat-earth. Pigments on the muflers



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