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Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan -New Movie


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Hopefully they do it justice. 

Like most stories, there are two sides to this one; add in the confusion of combat and the lines become further blurred. Tales of bungled planning, cowardice, murder but above all conspicuous gallantry. The passage of time and the later fight for (some posthumous) awards only adds to the controversy. And all of them most probably saved by a NZ Captain calling shot for Sheldrake, unseen some 4 Kliks away as the title suggests.

Can't wait.

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Looks interesting.  I hope it is accurate enough for the veterans who were there.  I hear about the battle often, but don't know the particulars.


This is the second trailer I've seen with the "Shell's-eye" view effect.  I don't know that I'm a fan of the effect.  When I was with the artillery (0811) we would fire RAP rounds.  R-rocket A-assisted Propulsion.  It was weird to see the smoke trails appear in the sky as the rockets ignited and then the winds up there made the smoke trails turn into squiggles.   But the red rear end effect?  We didn't have tracers.


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