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Hobbycraft F6A D-Day - Ready for inspection!

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Thanks, I was trying to go minimal with the weathering, because I was trying to depict a newly built F-6A, flying over Normandy during the invasion. These aircraft were rebuilt specifically for this Task and were kept in reserve until the landings, so my theory was that this aircraft would have been spotless on the morning of June 6. They did get beat up later in the following weeks and as they started operating from improvised airfields in France.

Sadly, this is the second and probably the last Hobbycraft Mustang I will build because they are getting to be so hard to find anymore, or the prices are astronomical. Someday, if I find an A-36 Apache, I may build a very early version with the 2-tone camo and American markings. 


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man, y'all ressurected this ancient thread, but the F6 looks as good now as it did then.

I remember when these Hobbycraft kits were around and nobody wanted them.  They were selling for 15 dollars all over the place.  People didn't notice that companies like Vector were producing very good resin stuff for these, and that should have been the first clue.  Anyway, I had bought a few cases of these models, knowing that they were a surefire no brainer way to make a buck or two.  Now I'm down to my last several kits and those are mine, to be built by me.

I hope we see more and more of these get built.

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