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F/S Some Hard To Find 1/32 & 1/35 stuff.


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More kits for sale. Prices do not include shipping, keep in mind, shipping to Europe has gone up dramatically, and US shipping now varies by region. I will try to get you the lowest shipping cost possible.

1:32 Bell X-1A / X-1B Rocket Plane Fisher Model & Pattern 3214  $200.00 USD  
  Boxart Bell X-1A / X-1B Rocket Plane 3214 Fisher Model & Pattern          
1:35 CH-47A Chinook Trumpeter 5104  $100.00 USD  
  Boxart CH-47A Chinook 05104 Trumpeter          
1:32 Dornier Do 335 A Fighter Bomber HK Models 01E08  $125.00 USD  
  Boxart Dornier Do 335 A Fighter Bomber 01E08 HK Models          
1:35 Eurocopter SA 365N Dauphin 2 Trumpeter 5106  $50.00 USD  
1:32 Focke-Wulf Fw 190D-9 Hasegawa 8069  $50.00 USD  
1:32 Fw 190 Doras Eagle Editions EC32-126      
  3C9E80B3-21EF-4A9F-B009-739C7707FEF5.jpeg 8CAA58D2-D2FE-4372-8FFE-C48424DCF776.jpeg        
1:32 Grumman TBF-1C Avenger Trumpeter 2233  $75.00 USD  
1:32 TBM TBF Avenger Pt 3 Eagle Strike Productions 32073      
  BA46E638-E92F-46AB-A982-4569185168EE.jpeg CC8C930E-61E0-4A50-AE2D-AB9F5C0F4C30.jpeg        
1:32 Hawker Hunter FGA 9 Revell 85-4670  $40.00 USD  
1:32 Hunter Pt. IV AeroMaster 32-004      
  116021A9-2FDD-45A8-B837-6EB0CAB23970.jpeg 1C639D48-6A68-4BD5-892A-34629054B8A8.jpeg        
1:32 AV-8B Harrier II Trumpeter 2229  $80.00 USD  




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