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Masochistic build, the 1/48 Fonderie Miniatures Halifax III


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I have this in my stash to build but haven't had the courage to start it - your build looks fantastic. My dad was a rear gunner on a 298 squadron halifax, I keep putting off starting in the hope that someone (HK models - please !!!) releases a 1/32 kit but I know in my heart it wont happen and I will have to tackle the FM kit. When I do I will be using your build as a guide so thank you.


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Thanks Neil, just saw this. Building a Halifax as a tribute to your father is a great motivation to start this kit. 

As you say the chances of a better kit are remote, so why wait?

I'd say go for it.

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  • 3 months later...

No pics at the moment but this build has also received some recent attention. I have been working on replacing the terrible engines/cowling combination with those of the Tamiya Beaufighter which improves the look enormously.

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Been a while, but the Hally has got some much needed attention. I decided to cut off the forward fuselage to be able to work on the rear. It needed widening by 4 mm. After that it looks much better. Where is Tamiya when you need them. Some dryfitting to see if the main components fit together.




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