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AIRFIX Churchill MK VII & Scammell Tank Transporter

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A few years ago (7 i think) i saw a double kit in a local hobby and toy shop in town. It consisted of two models a Churchill MK VII and Scammell Tank Transporter both 1:76 (very small) i liked the look of it and came back with my pocket money the following weekend but the couple kits that were there had gone. so i bought a lone kit of the tank transporter on its own. and a couple weeks later the model of the Churchill showed up there so i bought that too. i had a good crack at the transporter and i think a few minuets on the tank. and then i stopped. Skip froward several years and i had done some more of the truck but not the tank. come to the present day having just finished the T-34 and looking for another model to do i come across the two models and decide to do them. now i am hear.

pics soon and link to the T-34 that i have just finished.


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Hear are some pictures of the two models. And after some inspection the truck is missing a small detail pice that has broken off. And the tank is missing 3 small gears from the drive and keeper wheel. It should have 8 in total and I have only got 5. Annoying going to see if I can get some replacement from airfix. Oh and I can't find the instructions for the tank. Found some online tho.IMG_20200107_185736946.thumb.jpg.63883ef5c81f229840bc09b32b518292.jpg




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