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Terry Jones has died.

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It's not for everyone. And it doesn't mean you lack a sense of humour if it's not for you. Python is of a certain time and place. If you 'got it' and were privy to it at that time and place... It is simply timeless and ubiquitous. No matter how lame or infantile it might seem when compared to what's accepted as funny these days. 

The absurdity of conducting a major motion picture, and all of the logistics involved; whilst skipping along in full costume, yet like a child pretending to be riding a horse and making your own clip-clop noises!

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I got it.  I’ve always “gotten” dry British humour.  I have been blessed with being able to see situations developing and be able to occasionally work the situation into hilarious culmination. One more often than not lost on my American brethren.

Early Python was there for me during my military days. We laughed like fiends and it kept us going throughout the most stressful of deployments.   My platoon could recite entire 2 hour soundtracks word by word.

But sir, it’s just wahhfer thin....

RIP My Good Man.....

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