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Schlachtgeschwader 4 unit marking...


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Hey, gang.

I am working on Revell's Fw 190 F-8 and want to do one of the SG4 planes in Italy/North Africa but am having trouble finding the marking of Mickey Mouse riding the bomb with axe in hand. Also need to know if that marking would be on one or both sides. 

Searching ebay I found an Eaglecals set but the seller says they are 'vintage' which makes me fear they might be risky. Anybody happen to have an extra lying around from another kit? I checked all my other Germans but they are mostly Eastern and Western Front markings.


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SG4 Wappen is both sides for these airframes and Theatre.

Eagle Cal's sheet #92 is from late 2005, so I would not consider these 'vintage'. If stored properly in good condition, they should be fine to use. I do not know of an alternative decal release by another Company for these markings in 1/32nd scale.



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Thanks. I guess I'll give it a go. Looking at my buying history I bought from the vendor a couple years ago and left an 'A+' and he is in the U.S. so I don't have to deal with China shipping/dealing with issues long distance.


You know...the way we argue about why they don't make this or that kit could be applied to decal aftermarket and why they don't do this scheme or that. There seems to be material about SG4 to fill two sets at least and the Mediterranean scheme is a nice change from all the splinter.

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