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Big shout out to Anest Iwata Australia.

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Hi guys.

As many will know, my lovely HPC plus and Custom Micron were put out out of action by child spraying Windex through them. They corroded accordingly.

I contacted the Airbrush MegaStore in Melbourne and asked if they could help. (They are always magnificent!) I was given the phone number for Iwata Australia. I duly contacted them and spoke to a gentleman named Chris. Chris asked me to send my brushes directly to him. And so I did.

Poor Chris had a devil of a time getting all the junk out of both brushes. So corroded were they, Chris had to scrape  the grub out.

My beautiful Iwatas!!!! :wacko:

I need not have worried. Chris completed them in less than a week.  They were sent yesterday from Melbourne and arrived this morning, just as I was about to use one of my other airbrushes.

I highly recommend Iwata Australia. Aussie and New Zealand modellers can purchase an Iwata airbrush knowing not only are they getting a fine product, but also the best service I have ever had over the 55 years of my life.

I am elated. This experience that began as a negative, has been transformed and become a positive.

Thanks Chris for this wonderful service and transaction.

First class. 100 %!

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On 2/25/2020 at 11:46 AM, 1to1scale said:

That is a great testimonial, it’s good to hear that some companies do care about their customers.

I was so impressed I bought a HP. BPlus High Performance. (Just got a royalty cheque)

I now  own 3 Iwatas, 2 Harder and Steenbeck,  1 Badger.

Q: Do we modellers usually end up with a stash of models and airbrushes???


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