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The Secret Rules of Large Scale Mason.. errrr Modeller Forums

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Of course everyone likes to have as little rules as possible. That goes for the moderators too. Unfortunately, 100% freedom of speech means that other people can become or feel damaged. Therefore we feel it's appropriate to lay down the following protocol:


General Forum Protocol:

Forum staff give time freely so they can create a thriving resource for scale modellers who share the same passion for this fantastic hobby.

We do not wish for countless rules that restrict participation. Instead we ask that members will have respect for fellow modellers and thus take charge of their own conduct.
Constructive debate is encouraged, disrespectful and negative behavior is not. Staff will ensure your time here will be enjoyable and free from unacceptable behavior of any kind. 
In return we ask just a few simple protocols of you…..
 General Forum Protocol:
  • You agree to respect all members and staff without exception. This is a friendly community that takes pride in, encourages and thrives on positive and respectful co operation. Under no circumstances will behavior be allowed that is deemed harmful, hateful, offensive or insights any of the previous (this includes no politics, religion, sexual content or innuendo and no threats or violence). Such posts will be removed without further explanation. Anyone not willing to accept and cooperate with this simple request will be warned, suspended and/or banned with immediate effect by authorized Staff.
Posting Protocol:
  • You agree to make only suitable posts in the General Discussion section that keep within the guidelines set out in that area.
  • You agree to create a new topic in the appropriate section and make the title meaningful to the subject. It is incredibly helpful if you can use the 'Tag' function making threads far easier to follow.
  • You have the right to privacy. However we encourage users to use a real forename name on your signature or a simple nickname so people can reply in a courteous manner. In your profile we encourage the use of a genuine country of origin, gender and age. This information simply allows others to have a link and understanding of who they are interacting with. 
  • You agree not to create multiple user accounts without the express permission of staff. Anyone found doing so will have accounts deleted and their main page will be suspended and/or deleted. 
  • You  agree to only use signature banners that reflect either Group Builds you participate in, personal pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs or to identify yourself. Only approved sponsors may use their signature for advertising banners.
  • You must give your topics appropriate names which aren't misleading, ambiguous, or confusing. They must relate to the subject matter being posted. No 'Look at this one', or  'Thought I'd ask you guys' style topic names please. If this isn't adhered to, a moderator will amend, and you will be PM'd.
These are simple protocols found in place on any forum. By becoming a member of these forums it is down to you to read the protocols and accept them. There can be no excuses for not doing so. Respect them, encourage them and apply them on all occasions ensuring we are all part of a successful and productive forum to be proud of.
If a member of staff feels the need to send you a PM, you must reply to it, and not ignore. Ignoring staff PMs will result in warnings being issued.
Many Thanks.


LSM Forums Staff



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eh? What do you mean?


I think he means he's happy with the rules/protocols as a rule/protocol follower, much the same as me..  Clear and succinct set of rules - easy to follow and clearly set to ensure trouble free fora...



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