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FS: Big list of 1/32 kits, resin, and decals - New Items and Price Drops 3/18/20


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Updated Wednesday, March 18 - new listings and some lowered prices

Hi all, I have the following 1/32 goodies for sale (sorry, no trades at this time) from 22015 in the Washington DC area. Will post anywhere on the planet, postage is not included in the prices listed. Paypal is preferred.

Please contact me if interested at mikeswinburne@gmail.com.



  • Eagle Strike Decals 32022 - Merry Christmas Tomcat (VF103 Xmas CAG bird F-14B). $4
  • Fisher F9F-8T / TF-9J Cougar (Twogar - this is the two seater). Box is a little crushed on the top, everything is fine inside. $300
  • HPH Aviattik (Berg) D.I $100
  • Pheon Decals #32044 - Wartime Snipes and Canadian "Trophy" Fokker D.VIIs $8
  • Pheon Decals #32078 - Sopwith Dolphin volume 2 $8
  • Revell Germany F-4G, most recent boxing with the Spangdahlem bird on box top.  Some parts removed from sprue and loose in box, all parts present. $38
  • Sierra Hotel resin seamless intakes for Revell F-4 (#32410). $35
  • Tommy's War resin Crossley Light Tender $75
  • Wingnut Wings DFW C.V late (decals unbagged, everything present). $95
  • Wingnut Wings Hansa Brandenburg W.29. Bagged kit, one wing sprue unsealed. has full sealed decal sheets from Felixstowe/Hansa duellist kit. No instructions (download from wingnutwings.com). $200
  • Wingnut Wings Pfalz D.IIIa limited edition Flying Circus vol. 1 (this is now sold out at WNW). $75
  • Zoukei Mura He219. $170


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